Me and the Brain, boys day in  

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7/11/2006 4:16 am

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Me and the Brain, boys day in

I came across a blog where sex was not the focus akasha40. It was a strange experience, on Sunday I just want to learn about who did what to who and how many times and what was the reaction. But this day my mind won over my penis and we sought enlightenment. The brain and I don’t hang out much on the weekends or the evenings for that matter. We put in a tough 40 hrs together, but when work is over we greatly limit contact. Sure he helps me write for my blog, but its more along directing me on how to approach my subjects. He’s just along for the ride.

On this day he sought nourishment, it was a welcome change not thinking about gigantic mutant breast and asses that could be used for floatation devices. We learned about Mars, how the mind doesn’t process the word “of.” I read with great interest and checked out the authors ass
. Buddy was inquiring about the sudden change in direction and had to occupy his self with his diversions. No Buddy has done some reading about Kegels and Tantra and is working on a exercise program to strengthen his muscles. Haven’t shown him the Kama Sutra yet, don’t know if he can handle the material.

After my brain was nourished, Buddy and I began to look at naked women and read some of the profiles. So many demanding women, it’s there right to ask for what they want, but after awhile it seems like nagging. So Buddy and I just looked at the pictures. I hadn’t posted anything lately and I was working on my 100th post and Buddy suggested/demanded to participate. Well that’s how he got to his 1st post. He wants to write more and has some good ideas to discuss. His documentary of “The dark Shit Hole” was thought provoking. His expose` titled “Cunt secrets, the lonely insider” will blow the doors wide open on women and their sex toys.

Buddy is currently working on a story about sex toys. He believes that the sex toys are scabs attempting to take the hard working penis and relegate them to the unemployed ranks. He has already showed how the strap on has displace many a functional penis and we should be worried.

CB_2 52F

7/11/2006 5:00 am

Buddy is right to be worried. But as a woman, I've got to say man, woman or woman with strap on all work for me. It's you straight guys that are left out in the cold. Sorry

Blogito ergo sum.

TurnLock replies on 7/11/2006 4:30 pm:
Thanks for your brutal honesty, would you come back if we offered a two for one?

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