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6/11/2006 7:57 am

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Mate, Marriage, Sex Site

A friend here posed a question to me about if you can find a mate here at a sex site. It did cause me to pause and think about it and although I didn’t have an answer then, my answer now is yes. I base this on the fact that I’m on this site and she is on this site. Assuming that we are nice people, there must be other equally yoked people. The fact that were here and not eharmony just poses that we are not necessarily looking to get married. We want different kinds of relationships, but our focus may center on the type of sexual partner that we want. The eharmony and types are looking for mates who want LTR leading to marriage. After they hookup and begin to develop their sexual harmony, it might not be what they expected. We don’t have that problem; we start with the sexual partner we want. Relationships build over time and marriage is always a possibility.

If our profiles where like contracts, hookups would be easier. She wants an attractive 6 foot tall black man with a 10 inch thick cock. He wants and attractive woman who can handle his 10 inch cock. They match up, examine each other, everything lines up, should be a done deal, no way. Even at this sex site, people aren’t that animalistic to just do it with anyone. They have to meet first, drinks or a meal. What should be a purely sexual transaction now turns into “I want to know the person before I have sex”. Seems perfectly normal request, we are not animals. Good first meeting, but still not sure if this is the man you want to take into your body. A series of phone conversations begin, a rapport is established a meeting of the minds. You end up on another meet, dinner, lunch or whatever and you may or may not do the do this time. My take on this is somehow another your hookup turned into dating and after the hookup, more dating will take place. You become a couple. Marriage is a possibility.

As long as the other mate doesn’t do something to assail the other’s sensibilities, they will last awhile. Cookie cutter answer, there is more going on than that. For the most part we are professional people who have normal lives, normal loves, normal interest. People go to Church because they want to increase their relationship with God, around people who want the same. People join clubs to further a interest and be around people who share like interest. People join a sex site to find like people to have sex with.

I wish I could just decide that this Saturday I’m going to address my horniness and go to AdultFriendFinder. Search for a suitable woman, make arrangements and in an eventful evening relive the stress that built up during the week. Why this doesn’t happen? We have morals, we have standards, we might be horny, but not that horny. We still want attraction, romance, companionship and satisfaction. We are normal people.

MissKittyNip26 107F

6/11/2006 10:08 am

Personally, I would MUCH RATHER find a LTR here as opposed to eharmony. I think sex is extremely important in a relationship.. and it's necessary that each partner be on the same page, as to what they want, need, desire, etc. Usually the sex problem in relationships seems to be that 1 person wants it more than the other. And.. I think the people at THIS site generally want a lot of sex.. or at least, sex is important to them. So, 2 people meeting here would already have that connection.. the WANTING of sex. If everything else lined up (personalities, attraction, financial standards, willingness to have a relationship, etc.), then hell yeh, it's DEFINITELY possible to find a mate here!

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11/13/2006 10:19 pm

Amen... both you and misskitty said it so well!

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