Looking to the future  

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8/1/2006 5:17 pm
Looking to the future

The City of Chicago has a web page devoted to showing men who solicited hookers. A small few of the guys looked like they didn’t need a hooker, most be something wrong with their approach. One guy had his feminine side showing. One Hispanic guy was smiling and that’s the way I would do it too if they ever caught me. All the others looked hard core, no smiles. I didn’t have time but I was looking for the prostitutes that got caught, might want to special order.

I was on the Police site looking for Crime Statistics. I decided to pick a neighborhood with a low murder rate. I think that should be a major selling point. They should put that in the ads. You have a 2 to 1 chance of being murdered in Naperville, than you do here in …. If you moved here, you would have been murdered by now, support Proposition 9 on August 2nd. My future-ex is moving back to Kansas City, Mo and the crime rate is higher there than Chicago per 100,000 people. She needs to be doing a crime rate check too.

There are things that she does that makes me happy that she’s leaving me. Yesterday she decided to clean house and throw away things. She asked me what did I want to do about my things and I suggested DON’T THROW THEM AWAY So imagine my surprise when I found one of my CD cases going to the Goodwill. I stopped being polite and asked why did she feel she had the right to throw my shit away. Her argument was because I hadn’t used it for months or years that it should be thrown away. I suggested she toss her crap away and leave my stuff alone. I further went on to say that I would like for us to leave on good terms and this was severely impacting that.

Back to what I will miss when she leaves. Numerous food stuffs have lost their tops on the first day of use and have been topless in the refrigerator. Anything with tops that are attached are never closed. Liquid soap, shampoo and other unknown chemicals have spilled and required cleanup more frequently in my house. I’m going to miss the nagging, making costly decisions that I have to take care of. I’m going to miss calculating the last time I had sex and where the earth was at this rotation period.

She also had a lot of good points, but since I’m auditioning that position I’m not at liberty to say.

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