I should be cursing now  

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8/4/2006 5:52 pm

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I should be cursing now

I should be cursing now, Metra was late again and I had to catch the one bus that had no chance of getting me to my final train home on-time. Traffic was light and the driver wasn’t pussy footing it and got us there with 4 minutes to spare. A quick dash down the stairs and jumped on the last car and the conductor closed the doors as we got on. I won’t have to amuse myself for an additional half hour. I do have my laptop so it really wouldn’t have been bad. Just the thought that I would be late getting home, pisses me off.

I’m doing too good at work. There was this task they gave me, took me one to two hours at first to get it done, now takes 7 minutes. I scripted it down to 7 steps. Each executed in order takes 7 minutes total. I’m going to have to start padding that time. 7 minutes is not worth the paperwork time involved. I did a good 40 minutes of walking at work. I had a slight scare at the end of the day. I believe my pacemaker activated and regulated my heart. I’ve never felt it work before. They indicated that it has been in use at least 30% of the time. This time I believe I felt it or I’m prepping for the big one.

My sodium consumption has been a bit high in the last four days. No cookies for me, or candy. My carbs intake has also been a bit on the high side. Again no cookies, candy for me. I’ve been to Wal-Mart and didn’t buy a scale. I guess I have to go back tonight. Oh the future-ex stated that she doesn’t want me to go by myself, lemonade shouldn’t have cost $73. I can’t resist saving money and yes she shouldn’t let me go shopping or my garage would be a mini store in no time. I bought that Crystal lite lemonade yesterday along with Countrytyme just in case I got problems. Crystal lite has 5 calories and no carbs and tastes fine. I need a gallon a day, I love lemonade. Give me a Mike’s Hard Lemonade any day.

Its funny how chocolates are supposed to activate a woman’s sex drive, along with a couple of other choice foods. The same chocolates would kill my ability to perform sexual. I look at that being ironic. Imagine if you will a meal that triggers a woman’s desire to have sex eaten by both the male and the female. The woman becomes excited, the male becomes excited. The woman is able and ready to go, the man is ready but not able to go, his sugar levels are high and now an erection he can not make. I see that in my future. Salad for me tonight.

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