I could have made a better decision today  

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7/29/2006 4:48 am

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I could have made a better decision today

I could have made a better decision today, but I went with my heart, my instincts and I’m back where I started from. Before leaving home they said the trains were running 10 minutes late and I knew I had to get to Hoffman today so I said “fuck it, I’m going anyway.” I get there and the strap to my laptop bag breaks, good thing I got a slight delay before the train. I picked up my stuff that spilled out and went up the stairs to the platform. They indicated that the trains were running late both northbound and southbound due to switching problems. The 6:06 arrive around 6:09 so I said once we get past Harvey’s switch problems, smooth sailing. We sloowwwlly pulled out of the train station. They decided to take it slow going. There was no other train in front of us, why was this the case? I get downtown close to 7:00 and I know I should just wait for the next train home, but I’m still optimistic and sure enough the bus is outside waiting. If I catch this bus I should get there 7:09 and I would have to risk a heart attack and run to the platform to catch the 7:13, been there, done that. As the bus driver sloowwwlly pulls away, I begin to release that God doesn’t want me in Hoffman today.

We get to the train station just as my train pulls off, so my day is set in dye and I’m on my way home, where I should have stayed. Today I learned that my favorite blogger MissKittyNip26 has erased her blog and is giving up blogging. I will miss her exploits, but I’m more concerned for her well being. Too many people from various sides are pushing her to change her way of life, I want her to do what makes her happy and to take a break from all of this and get it together. One day I want to run for President and if they decide to use my AdultFriendFinder blogs against me, I have so many for them to use, my favorites they should consult me for. I ain’t hiding nothing. All my affairs, sexual activities I would proudly reminisce in town hall meetings. If I lose, so what, I’d be the only one that’s a open book with nothing to hide.

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