I am a man open to new ideas  

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7/13/2006 2:54 am

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I am a man open to new ideas

I am a man open to new ideas. I joined Tantra.com so that I can learn how to have a orgasm without ejaculation. The website has videos and audios for the purpose of training/teaching me to be a better lover. Its early and I don’t want any visuals so I select a audio about pleasing my partner. I’m listening to it now. After a few minutes of this woman exaggerated speech and holding her vowels toooo long, my desire was somewhat murderous. I don’t think they were shooting for that. If she was on tour right now, I would seek to do her harm, if that mouth opens.

Boy is she lucky, she said something that made sense and could be useful in my quest for world domination. Once I got over the annoying method of delivery, I did learn a few things of interest. I now understand the purpose of oral sex, when used properly this weapon of mass devastation can render an opponent out for the count. Or at least weaken their resistance allowing for a full frontal attack. A combination of oral and fingering techniques will allow control over this major erogenous zone.

I finished listening to this session it was insightful, doesn’t explain how I can control my penis, prevent ejaculation and achieve multiple orgasms, knowledge I truly seek. It was enlightening. Will help to make me a more understanding lover, informed lover. I can’t wait to try it out. It would have been nice if they could psyche me up for going down or at least tell me what wine goes best with pussy?

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