Good for the Wood  

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8/6/2006 5:15 am

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Good for the Wood

Maybe it’s me but I like the state of horny. I’m waking up and my dick is already were it wants to be. I just read the most interesting blog of sex that kept Buddy and I well entertained for the morning. If you get a chance goto littlekarenlof she is good for the wood. I was added to someone’s Hotlist the other day. She didn’t wink or send a email and I have done that myself before. It’s my hotlist and I can put whoever I want on it (how’s that for attitude, shaking my head, wildly, so gay in a man). I was curious and asked her what about me motivated her to put me on the list and to send a picture, I like pictures. She stated I guess it was your stature.....and you are chocolate(smile) here is a pic. Some things you can improve upon, but stature and being chocolate aren’t them. So I just assume that to mean, I was visually attractive, I’ll take that.

What’s also good for the wood is my friend hotdarkchokolate hotdarkchokolate I saw her on her webcam and there is something special about breathing in and out, i can't explain. She is really sexy and is a very sweet person and I got a lot of wood watching her the other day.

I’m not revealing this one’s name but my new friend Johnnie is also good for the wood. She has indicated to me that I wouldn’t last two minutes with her a challenge I would gladly accept, but we have to get to know each other first. My own words comes back to bite me in the ass. So I’m scheduling a series of meets with the hope that “We get to know each other” and I can show her the two minute drill, that’s a football two minutes.

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