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I went to the supermarket today and I was trying to decide which cookies to buy. Out of the blue I heard this woman’s voice saying “Don’t get those cookies.” I was surprised, I turned around and looked for the woman to see if I knew her and sure enough, I did not. What I saw was an attractive Black woman with a nice ass and sporting a tank top and tugging my curiosity. I wanted to ask her where she knew me from, but I knew I didn’t know her. Don’t remember names well, but good looking women are etched to brain. I stated to her that I knew I should walk away, but I enjoyed cookies.

She apologized for suggesting that I not eat the cookies. She stated that she loved them too and shouldn’t be eating them. The fact that she took the time to save me from the cookies made me think, that I shouldn’t get them and that I need to work on my . Although I made the effort to talk to her, I didn’t get any of the important information needed for a future hookup. Blame that on my inexperience. We average/normal men aren’t used to women flirting with us. It takes us awhile before we even know its happening. I went to another store to get some additional items, couldn’t find it and had to ask for help. Before I knew it I was flirting with this woman as we made our way to the forks and knifes. It wasn’t actually flirting, more like playful chatter. I think I’ve only flirted three times in my life. Two times resulting in marriage. The third was before I knew she was married, she should have stopped me. My heart was broken...

I guess people would think at 49 years old, I should be experienced in pursuing women and should have much game at this point. If I was still single, that what I would think. I first had sex at 21 yrs old and got married by 23. I was single for about 6-8 months and then married again, this time for 21 years. So, I didn’t have that much time to play and learn to be a player. Worked out fine for me, I want to have some integrity. If I was dating two women, they both would know. I’m not a good liar and if they didn’t like it problem solved. A player has to manipulate women and lie his ass off to maintain his secrets, not for me.

21 years of marriage doesn’t help one develop a . I need a tutor, if only my buddy Rex was here. Rex studied women and he knew how to get them. Wasn’t good at keeping them. Rex and I spent some time in San Antonio, TX training at the air force base and we would occasionally go out and eat dinner together. I would watch Rex attempt to get the phone number from every woman he saw. He would switch to his deeper voice and his interested stare and would suffer rejection about 70% of the time. It didn’t faze him in the slightest. My ego would have been crushed and I would have stopped at about 2 rejections. Rex pointed out that rejections are normal and if he got 3 to 5 numbers a night he was happy. We shared adjacent rooms that had connecting doors. We kept the door open and I used to watch Rex call all five women and invite them out for the evening. They indicated that they would get back to him.

Rex would take the first one that called back, but he would also wait for his preferred choice to call. If she didn’t call, number 1 was the winner. He did this every day. So If I can learn this, oh great the power that I would then yield. Oh, reality check to date a woman a day would require more money than I can put my fingers on. Defeatist or realists thinking in play here?

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