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6/16/2006 5:11 pm

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I’m listening to Return to Forever ‒ No Mystery an interest range of musical content, not for everyone but us Jazz lover appreciate it. I’m at my favorite place Oak Brook. There is a big BBQ today and I wasn’t going to miss it. It was nice they had a Jazz Band and they were pretty good. I had my share of the burgers, chicken, corn on the cob, that I reasonable am allowed. I felt guilty about eating so much. I did my walk immediately after lunch 2020 steps. I bought a pedometer to track my walking. So that I can maintain my goals. Now James Taylor is playing ‒ Don’t let me lonely tonight. My theme song.

It’s always nice to be here, I got two hugs and took some pictures for my memories. I get to talk to a lot of people, thanks for having nothing to do. I saw the woman that has a crush on me, I was reluctant to hug her but she made that move. Good thing I didn’t reveal my interest because she was looking good. I can’t believe my marriage vow made me ignore all that. I saw N today and that girl has one hell of a walk. After I retrained my focus I was able to talk to her. It’s cute that she is preparing for graduation and her 19 yr old son gets to see her walk across the stage. Mom and son in the same technician profession. If only my daughters could have followed me into technology. N has such a cute smile and a body that commands attention. We were talking and I pulled out my camera and she smile and let me tape her.

I’m impress that she knows more than me now. She joked about java being easy, after three years I’m still a novice on java. She wants to seek employment in Network Security just like me. I gave her a few training suggestion and watch her walk away, buns moving left to right. Its like she’s still talking to me as she walks away.

I looked at the water fountain and thought I didn’t see any pants on this one girl. The pants were flesh tone like. I was tripping and yet curious, later I told her what I thought was nudity was not, she laughed. Kylie Minogue just finished and now my favorite Shazney Lewis ‒ You is playing. This is such a beautiful song. This is one of those turn the lights off and just listen to in the dark songs. With 13 minutes before quitting time I now end this story.

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6/17/2006 1:12 am


It is unfortunate that you feel like you were "tricked" into viewing my blog. The reference is there because of a response I made to an advice line question regarding the Kama Sutra. Perhaps, I should have stated that in the post along with the reference. I simply gave the reference in an attempt, ironically, to provide information and a resource without the trappings of having to wade through the subjective comments that make up anyone's blog. In the absence of an appropriate frame of reference, I suppose any good intention can be twisted and distorted such that its true context and purpose are not recognized. There are always more sides to a story than you may suspect. In my case, with the Kama Sutra reference I gave, there definitely was! It would have been nice if you had asked me about the reference rather than assume something negative about someone you don't even know! Since I always protect my integrity and character, I am had to visit your blog...who trick who?

TurnLock replies on 6/17/2006 2:53 am:
Usually I wouldn't comment, I would look and move up never to return. I felt that you needed to know why I didn't like that type of post. Many people pick a title that is interesting and when you get there, there is nothing there. I stopped to tell you why I didn't like that post. I say your two other post and they were good. I just don't want you to be a one hit wonder. I'm sure you have a lot to say. I'm saying, say it. Don't place a reference and think that's what people want to see. Entertain me. You're right about me making an assumption, but hundreds of others like me are going to make the same negative assumption. Nowhere in my comments did I attempt to berate or belittle you. I told you why that was not a good post. You can take my advice, put a little more effort in the post because we all would appreciate that. What was the "appropriate frame of reference?" that what we the audience wants to know. I shouldn't have to pull it out of you. If you feel that I disrespected you in anyway and can site how I did it, I would gladly apologize. My comments oddly enough was so that you could protect your integrity and character. Check out a few blogs that have interest provocate post and see how many of them are just bullshit. See how they suck you in with the title and you get there and it's one line. Nothing of significant, not interesting. That is what I'm telling you not to be. Look at the effort you spent defending your post, that's what should be in your blog. I would read that. Interest statement about me tricking you here. I didn't trick you here, but I did have an expectation that you would come to see if I'm all bullshit or not. I want to see you succeed, that's why I posted what I did. Unlike the other blogger who turned you down for assistance, I'm right here, feel free to contact me. I hope that we are okay with each other at this point. I'm not mad at you and I'm glad to see you got some fire. Put that in your blog.

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