As a child I was bad, really bad.  

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6/11/2006 7:55 am
As a child I was bad, really bad.

I can talk about sex, but I can’t talk dirty sex or do dirty sex talk. I suspect it’s a result of the good education I received and the many beatings I endured for improper behavior that has hindered me in his area. I grew up with the “wash your mouth out with soap” concept and to this day, I will not eat soap. I didn’t curse, I found it lacking in the sense that I wanted you to be impacted by my statement. I couldn’t call you a stupid motherfucker, it was lacking. I had to be more visual verbal and I was a cool restrain mean spirited teen at those moments. Resulted in a lot of fights, which I eventually began to win. I was bad, really bad. Someone would mess with me in class and give me that “I’ll see you at 3:15” crap, I would pop him right there, I wasn’t waiting for him to get his gang to fight me. I was kicking his butt now. I was sent to the coat room as result of this action. I spent so much time in the coat room I asked that my desk be moved to the coat room and they did it. I should point out that I was in either the 3 to 5 grade when this occurred.

I loved the coat room, no one bothered me. I didn’t have to fight people before 3:15 and when the class got in trouble, it wasn’t me. I was in the coat room minding my business. I grew out of that phase, but the evil within is still there. It’s under check, I try my best not to get mad. Mad is a loss of control and I’m all about maintaining my control. Revenge is about regaining control. When pushed to Mad and beyond, I will strike back. So that why I quit working for the Federal Government.

Mad TV had this segment, “Dirty Talker, Dirty Walker” with Phil Lamar. I used to love his witty dirty talk and when there were guest, the witty banter would go back and forth. I couldn’t imagine myself talking like that. It’s so foreign to my personality. Hard to break the mold, visions of soap comes to mind. I would love to be able to flirt with a partner in that style and manner. I would be laughing my head off and highly turned on Talking about sex is fine and I can retain my composure for awhile. I don’t like talking with a hard on, That extra sperm breeds aggressive tendencies and causes a loss of concentration and focus. I usually will my self back to reality when at work, or think about this ball buster woman with the FBI that I hated with a passion. I think about sex with her and I’m down.

Oh, I took my sons to Brunswick they had the times of their lives. I got to carry the coats and provide the money to play. I loved the bowling area. Tv on the screens so you watch and play. I’ve got to get on a league, maybe a money league since I’m going to be poor.

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