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Alaska Post 2

Recreational time on Barter Island involved going to our base bar, 30 ft from the main building. We would run over there without protective gear. It was anywhere between -50 and -70 but it was a dry cold. Didn’t really feel it unless you stop and are dumb enough to spend more than 5 minutes outside. The bar had pool tables, TV and a bar with a bartender; they took turns running the bar. Drinks where cheap and we had a lot of drinks to kill the time. With only three women on the base out of 20 people, you imagine they would get a lot of play.

The one legged woman didn’t socialize much, saw her once in awhile. After a few weeks, she was giving me wood and I had no attraction to her. The short mean one, I had a temporary insanity moment of lust for her, but she brought me back, when I remembered why I didn’t like her. The fox didn’t see her to much, but she was the source of a lot of hardon’s. We spent many a nights in the bar drinking and telling lies after lies about all the women who had fallen to our smooth lines. Two months in Alaska should have qualified me for disability. I was emotionally a wreck. I saw Hallmark commercials where the kids leaped into Daddy’s arms and gave him a hug, I cried and cried. It made me think of my two daughters and wife at home and about how I couldn’t hug them. I wanted this assignment to be over and quickly.

Concentration on work, I busted ass to rewire circuits and replace old equipment with the new equipment. I found myself doing double work, because the team leader was an ass hole. He didn’t know what we should be doing and questioned everything and after realizing that we were right, he made us redo what he told us not to do. Once I put together the reality that he wanted to stay, I changed the way I dealt with him and my approach to him. I waited for him to play his game. I knew what had to be done and checked with him first before doing anything. Once I got his approval, I would delay for 2 to 4 hrs before committing to doing anything and sure enough, he would change his instructions. We were reaching a mutiny point and calls back to D.C. didn’t provide any assistance. Plan A of just fucking up started to look good again, I refused to do rework. I told him if I was asked to do the job, I will do it. If you change your mind afterwards, prepare to fix it yourself. This worked for me.

Friday and Saturday nights were poker nights and they invited us suckers to the game. I was in the under 50’s bracket playing card with guys in the 100+ bracket. Winning a hand was nice; losing a hand was ugly, very ugly. This was the only time the short mean woman was nice to us. They did take care of us. We had two chefs and they prepared 4 meals a day and cookies and cakes galore. We were all getting fat and loving it. We would cool down in the TV room and try to catch some soft porn on TV. We didn’t get much of that. There were a lot of movies hinting to some sex but after viewing them and not seeing a one naked cheerleader or student, we began to suspect that they were blocking the good stuff. One day we were watching “Blue Velvet” and I could not look away. That was the freakiest thing that I had every saw. My bud and I both commented about how crazy that movie was. For the next few days, we would shoot pool at the bar, do a little exercise and resume drinking a man tales.

One day we were shooting pool and there was “Blue Velvet” again, I couldn’t concentrate on the game, that movie had possessed me. I must have seen that movie 7 or 8 times. They were having problems with my attitude and sent me ahead to another station. I was working with a D.C. brother and I had the time of my life listening to his man tales. The locals pulled out their VCR recorders and paid him to recount his stories for them. He told one story about making this expensive dinner for this girl. He had cooked baby hens or something of that nature. He said she entered his apartment with a silk black dress, curves showing all around, ass in public display. He commented about how she looked good enough to eat and that he hoped he would be tasting her for desert. He sat her down to the table, they had a few drinks and he brought the meal out and placed it on the table. She had her fork in her hand and was reaching for the baby hen and he stopped her and asked her a question. He inquired if after this meal, would they be having sex? She looked at him and indicated that she was not that kind of girl and placed her fork into the hen. At that moment he took her plate and asked her to leave. She was surprised and pissed needless to say and left. He then called the next girl on his list and needless to say before she eats the hen, the sexual order had already been taken care of.

Working with him was a definite attitude builder. We did the work and no bullshit. They played poker too and I’m sure they were all getting a good portion of my pay check. One day we have visitors who stopped by. Must have been lost, because we were in the middle of NOWHERE. A white guy and his very attractive white girl friend. If this was a porno movie, you know what’s next. They were lost and we provided them with directions and they noticed the bar. It was mentioned that our bar was the only legal drinking establishment within a 100 mile radius, so they stayed for drinks. It was nice having some eye candy to enjoy. Got them drunk and sent them back into the wilderness.

We were so far away from anyone that the supply room was unlocked. If you made it this far and wanted to steal, knock yourself out. Finally my time was up. I got on the plane back to anchorage and then back to KCMO. I was in for a surprise at home; my new baby was scared of me. She saw me and ran back to her mother. The same girl I used to hold every night for hours, who smiled at me from ear to ear, was now scared of me. Oh, I was pissed and started a list of all the asses, I wanted to kick. After awhile that evening, I guess she began to remember me and eventually I was able to hold her and see that smile that kept me going for two months of hell.

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