A Computer Tech Fantasy as told by me  

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5/29/2006 9:15 am

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A Computer Tech Fantasy as told by me

This morning I was feeling horny, normal condition for most males in the morning. I was on-line and a friend pressed me to reveal my fantasy. So I revealed the following:

A friend invites me over to fix her computer, she greets me at the door fully dressed looking as professional as she can be.
She's talking on her cell phone, taking care of business, grabs me by the hand and takes me up the stairs.
Her computer is located in her bedroom and she keeps getting this error on bootup.
She's still on the phone talking and ask me will this take long, I point out that this could be awhile, I'll let her know when I have an idea. She walks out the room talking. I've got the cover off the pc and I'm checking connections when she walks in. She has taken off her jacket and those 40d's are pointing to the sky.
She has to get dressed for a date this evening and is taking clothes out to try on and leaves the room.
I'm not finding any hardware problems with the pc and she re-enters the room
clothes in hand and ask me if I mind if she changes her clothes there, going back and forth wasn't working for her.
I being a man of the century say no problem and I go back to work.
She begins to remove her skirt and stockings and I attempt to keep my concentration on doing my job.
At this point, I begin to feel a little warm and my pants begin to tighten as I notice she doesn't wear panties.
She starts a impromptu fashion show, asking me if I like this and that.
My heart starts beating faster and my penis is dancing like the ballet and she inquires if I'm alright.
I mention I might have over medicated myself because I was getting a little dizzy.
She indicates that I need to loosen up my clothing to allow for better circulation.
As she unbuttons my shirt, she notices the source of my problem and begins to unzip my pants.
She mentions how am I supposed to be comfortable with this thing trying to free its self.
She comments about how small it is and I blush, she says it just the right size for her mouth and proceeds to give me a blow job then and there.
I'm still a little dizzy, but i'm feeling better her slurping sounds are turning me on and my penis begins to grow in her mouth.
Now it's not so easy for her to swallow as she original thought.
She takes it out of her mouth and gets a firm grip on it and pulls me to the bed.
She sits me down and then straddles me like a cowboy at the rodeo and starts to ride me and ride me hard.
At no point during this experience did I speak, all I could do was make grunting sounds. It was as if I lost the ability to speak.
She stopped suddenly and jumped off me. I sat up confused and she sat in the chair directly in front of me and placed her left foot on my penis and used her feet to message my hardon. I laid back and enjoyed it. She took her right foot and placed it on my penis also. She was using both feet to work my dick and I was in heaven.
She excused herself for a moment to use the bathroom.
When she returned she had a small bowl, a towel and a bar of soap.
The water was hot and she placed the soap on the towel and proceed to wash my penis.
The feel of the soapy warm water was more intense than the blow job she gave me earlier. She kept applying the water and pressure to my penis.
I knew I was going to come, my body began to tense up and she kept applying pressure, moving up and down faster.
She kept the towel over my penis and I could still feel the warm water pushing me to orgasm.
She increase the intensity of the strokes and in no time I let out my load for what felt like minutes.
One, two , three explosions later, I was spent. I couldn't move and she asked If I liked that.

sweetandspicy570 60F
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11/13/2006 9:53 pm

Very hot...I could see it all in my mind! Thanks

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TurnLock 61M
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11/14/2006 1:11 pm

Thank you, it was fun writing it.

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