Are Video Games a Waste?  

TseranWyrm 43M
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6/15/2006 10:49 pm

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6/29/2007 5:53 am

Are Video Games a Waste?

Well, I am sure there a lot of people out there that think they most certainly are. But let's look at a few little things about the two types of games I tend to play...

Any kind of 'twitch' game: These kind of games help improve hand-to-eye co-ordination, which is, in turn, good for a lot of things in life, including driving.

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games: These serve a couple of purposes. Like old style pen and paper games, they promote communication skills with others, and interpersonal relationships. They tend to get you to also think outside the box, since sometimes the solution is not so normal. Also, with the things I have been doing lately in the one that I usually do, I am being forced into a leadership role. This is not a role I am used to in my life, so I am having to learn to be an effective leader. Now, in the game, the lives of the characters are what is at stake. While dying is no big thing, it is a major inconvenience, and generally speaking, we don't like to do it if we don't have to. With that being said, it is like taking command of a military expidition, without the threat of real death, of my teammates or anyone else. It does make you learn to be a good leader and fast. Some people tend to think being a leader means giving orders, telling people what to do and making sure they do it. That is not true. Being a good leader means knowing who is best for what, and even listening to others to hear what they have to say. Sometimes, they may have an idea way better then what you did. Luckilly for me, one of the skills of being a good leader I have down quite well. I listen very well. I also am good at balancing decisions and being diplomatic. What did I need to learn? To have the focus and force to make a judgement, to command others, and to inspire confidence in what we are doing.

Now if only my boss at work could learn half those skills.

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