ummmmm ummmmmm goood  

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5/10/2005 12:43 pm

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ummmmm ummmmmm goood

OK how was my morning well lets just say it was all i had hoped for and then some

I meet this really great looking guy at work and we hit it off. He gave me his cell number and as bravely as I could I called. He and I were on for lunch tomorrow but seing how I am off today I felt alittle ummmmmm frisky sooooooo I suprised him. He was all smiles when I walked in his house I leaned over and gave him a big kiss to let him KNOW that I was indeed interested. To my suprise he let me know real fast he too was interested. He gives me a grand tour of his lovely home. then we went to his DEN were I let my hair down I jumped in his lap and gave him another big kiss. He grabbed my head and kissed me deeply, then took his soft lips and ran them down my neck yum. the whole time his hands were roaming over my already shivering body. I love the anticipation of the whole new person thing. I began to tease him with my mouth a little tugging on his lips sucking on them useing my toungue to slightly brush them. the smiles and whispered two can play that game sweet heart. That is when the fun began he stroked and tugged on just about everything I had heheheh I was soooooooo wet It felt like I had a fountain on in my pants. He was so hard I could feel him threw my jeans. I slide down him and began to kiss his lower stomach running my hands up his buldging chest (what a nice chest it was) lower and lower until he THINKS i am about to take him in my mouth then I move upward again back to his mouth. At this point he takes me to the bedroom startes to map my entire body with his hands and toungue IT was lovely. we some how end up on the bed completly nude togther stroking and touching and kissing every part of each other then that wonderful moment when he teases me with the head of his dick on my clit me begging him to slip his hard cox into me. him saying not yet almost time a few strokes later and in he slides sooo easily ( due to the enormious amounts of cream that he has me producing ) he startes out slow building speed it felt soooo goood I had one cum right away which is rare for me then I couldn't control myself I flipped him over and road him hard until we both exploded. I rolled off of him and hell he began mapping me all over again AND.............................................................................. yes it all started over I must say he is all I thought he would be and then some. I love portugal heheheheh

then when all was over I came home and my hubby ws soooo turned on that he spanked my ass and took what he wanted from me right in the kitchen ummmmmmm my little pussy is sooo satified but tired

til next fantasy ladys and gents

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