The Next Stop: A story  

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The Next Stop: A story

Since posting questions and doing surveys is not for me now. Please take a look at this short story. I am particularly interested in getting opinions from women, if they find this story arousing, but men can read it too if they please.

The Next Stop

I am sitting on train reading a book next to window and you are sitting across from me a little to the left going through a magazine. I have my book open but I am not really concentrated on reading, some times I look at the luscious green trees that we are passing and some times at your sexy bare legs which are crossed (one on top of the other) under your short (but not very short) skirt. You are swinging one of them as you are turning the pages of the magazine.

I know that you are looking at me sometimes but I pretend that I am not aware. Sometimes when someone passes in the hallway I turn my head supposedly to see who it is, but really I am looking at your legs and my only desire is to pet them, tease them and bite them. Then you put one leg down, so I can actually see a little bit under your skirt. I start to get excited by the idea. You move your hips a little and I notice that the edge of your underwear between your legs is caught on one of your pussy lips. My heart starts to pound faster and my dick starts to get harder so I hide it with my book. I turn my head to the window and pretend to look outside. I am thinking, "Oh my god, how I want to get on my knees and put my head between your legs and push my mouth between your pussy lips and to feel you get wet on tongue."

Some one new walks into the cabin so you need to move over now and you are sitting directly opposite from me. You look at me as you are moving over as if you are begging me to pay more attention to you but you are pretending not to care. This time you sit across me and your legs are a little more open. Your magazine is slightly pulling your dress up so I can see directly between your legs. I am shocked and my book falls on the ground and as I go to pick it. As I pick it up I look directly between your legs and you move your hips again. Now I am very hard and with the book I touch the bottom of your leg up to your knees supposedly by mistake and say "sorry". As I sit up again you are looking at me and I am looking back smiling a little. One minute later I get up and I leave the cabin and go to window outside the cabin. Two minutes later you come out of the cabin too and you stand next to me.

I say to you, "Where are you traveling to?"
You answer me, "I have long way until I get to where I am going"
I answer you, "Well try not to get bored . . . it's a long trip."
You say, "So what should I do, we are on a train not in a park."

I start to move and as I move behind you I press my hard dick on your butt and I whisper in your ear, "come with me." You do not turn immediately around, but then you start to follow me.

I walk down the hall of the train passing through the cars of the train and I hear you still following. I am thinking to myself, "she seems like a sweet girl and I am sure she very sexual." I knew first that I had to make you trust me before I could undress you and feel those pussy lips wet inside sucking my dick, but I was determined to have you addicted to my hard cock before the end of the train ride. I didn't want to say anything stupid. On that thought I turn around and I see you still following, you smile a little and I smile back thinking that in less than hour I will be fucking you hard somewhere in the train. I didn't know where yet, but I would soon find out.

Finally we got to the dinning room of the train. I found an empty table and I told you quickly to "have a seat." I asked you what you wanted to drink.

"Nothing," you said
"You must drink something, maybe a little red wine. I know its bad red wine, but we can have a little."
"I don't normally drink alcohol with strangers, but I guess I will have some if you are nice to me," you answer and I leave smiling. You watch me leave looking at how my ass moves, wanting to squeeze it, wanting to put your hand between my legs to hold my balls. You ask yourself how my dick looks like when it is hard and erect, if it will feel good inside you. But still you are not sure how much I really want you.

I come back with the wine and sit down.
Pouring the wine I say, "so do you usually travel alone?"
"Sometimes," you answer, "especially when I am looking for an adventure."
"Adventure? What kind of adventure are you looking for? A girl like you should not have too much of a problem finding adventure anywhere?"
"I am bored of the same places and faces and I wanted to get away."
"Well there are other ways to escape besides traveling." I answer and then I continue, "Don't you have a man in your life, he could help you escape."
"I am a little tired of dating these days," you evade my question.
"He could help you relax," I persist determined to find out if you are attached to someone.
"No . . . they don't help me relax, they annoy me with their attitude."
"Well I'm sure I can relax you." I answer.
"You think so, you seem confident . . . how?"

As I am about to answer you I feel your knee under the table close, brushing by from mine and I move forward so that one of my legs is between yours but I am not touching anything. I just know that I have my leg in between yours.

"A woman needs a special kind of attention. It is true that they are delicate creatures, but sometimes they need to be treated a little rough. The problem is that while men know that women like to be treated rough sometimes, they don't know exactly how. You can be rough and polite at the same time. Most men don't know how to balance this combination. So some are rough in a mean and nasty way and others are just boring."

As I finish saying this I am looking at your nipples and thinking how much I want to rub my dick on them and watch them get hard and then to hold them and to touch the top of your sexy lips with the head of dick, pushing it forward. I know I want to feel your breath on him and to feel him get harder and harder close to your luscious mouth. As I complete that thought I feel him starting to get harder again and nervous I push the one wine bottle by mistake it turns over and starts to pour getting all over the seat.

"Shit I say, I should stop looking at you, your eyes are making me nervous."
"Did it get on you ask," and as I get up, you see the shape of dick still a little hard from before the accident.
"No I say, but now I need to sit here next to you." I sit down and you move over and I lean on you. I can see your legs again.
"So the wine gets you excited?" You say to me.
Ashamed a little, I answer, "It depends who I am having it with." I smile and pushing your hair away I kiss your neck.

After I kiss you, I gently smell your neck.
You turn around surprised. “What are you doing?”
“I am giving you an adventure.” I answer.
“Just because I am sitting here having a wine with you doesn’t mean you can fuck me?”
“I didn’t fuck you, I kissed you gently, there is a difference” I answer you firmly then I grab your arm and say “but if you want, I can fuck you too.”

Pretending to be annoyed you turn away, I see your hand clenching your dress and I catch a short glimpse of the top part of your legs as they lead to your pussy.

“I need to go to the bathroom you say to me.”
“Ok, please go, will you be back.” I ask.

You don’t answer. You get up and as you pass over me you bend over and I really want to shove my hand under your dress and squeeze all the juices out of your pussy lips. But I hold myself back. You leave for the closest bathroom. I am a little confused but I still know that you want me. So after a minute, I get up and I come to the bathroom door. I knock loudly on the door and yell “tickets, please.” After a while you open the door slowly you give your ticket and I push myself into the bathroom. You are surprised and you look at me a little scared.

“What do you wa--” But before you can finish your question I grab you and push you against the wall and start to kiss you. You try to move protesting and trying to scream but I raise your dress and over your underwear I put my hand firmly on your pussy. You begin to relax and to get into it. You start to kiss me. You feel my tongue in your mouth as I am pressing your pussy in slow long circles. Your legs start to open. So I move my other hand to your ass and start to massage it. I can feel your underwear getting wet, very wet. By now I am hard so I move my hand to your breasts and start to push my member on you. You feel him wanting to get out of my pants. My hands are under your shirt gently pinching your nipples. I start to kiss you again and as I start to bite your neck, I feel your hands starting to unbutton my pants. You unbutton my belt and then my pants and when you see him hard under my underwear you pet his head and massage his shaft. I am so excited now that I put my one hand under your underwear and push it down to your knees your legs open more. I can finally see your closed pussy lips wet from desire as I hold up your colorful dress. I lick my hand and start to push your pussy looking for your butt whole and I spread your juices around your pussy to lubricate your asshole. I finally find it and start to push your asshole with one hand and your pussy with the other. Your face is red and your hand is looking for my hard dick but you are so into it you can not concentrate enough to find him.

I take your one hand and put him on my hard dick, you can hear the train running and you feel like it is going faster and faster every moment. You look at him. I turn you around and say, “you want him don’t you, stick out your ass . . . stick out your ass.” You turn around and get ready. I see your pussy wet and wide open ready to take him in and I stand behind you. As I am ready to feel your pussy lips on the top of my hard cock, I change my mind, I bend over and I put your whole pussy into my mouth, the train is running faster and every so often we lean in one direction and then the other. You see the mountains and trees racing by as I French kissing your wet pussy lips. I start to lick your lips up and down like a brush and then I start to split them apart slowly putting my tongue inside you. I taste your pussy and it is warm and soft and a little bitter-sweet. I hear you, not expecting my tongue I hear you enjoying it breathing harder, you moan a little trying to be quite and I push my tongue in deeper looking for that little spot, that little bump. I fall to my knees and I begin to push my whole face between your legs and to suck you. I put my thumb on your asshole and start to press it. I feel your juices all over my face and I hear you moaning load now. My tongue inside you moves in circles back and forth, and when in the center I push him in forcefully. See now that you are ready for strong fuck, I start to slowly release your pussy from my mouth.

Finally finding the strength, you push me away. “What are you doing?” I ask.
“Get up” you say resolutely. So I do what you say. You push me up on the opposite wall against the train’s window and you put both hands on my hard dick as he looks up at you and you start to stroke him. You lie on me starting to bite my neck as you feel him hard against your bare stomach, You take my balls into your one hand squeezing them a little and you slowly go down to your knees. You start to kiss me around my dick. I feel him throbbing out of control. Your breath all over him. I want to be in your mouth so much that I am pushing him to you to take him in, but you don’t. Instead, you start to suck my balls while jerking me off slowly. You wet my dick without putting him in your mouth and you pull him back and forth slowly, back and forth as I anticipate the moment that I will feel your lips around my throbbing head. I cannot take it anymore and I put my hands on your head clenching part of your hair, trying to bring your mouth up to my head. From my balls you start to lick the bottom of my shaft and to nimble my bone as you continue to hold my balls. Then suddenly as I pushing my hard head to your mouth, you shove my head in your warm mouth. I feel your luscious lips around them, the warmth inside your mouth making me harder. You suck just my head, and I start to moan looking for something to hold onto as I feel all molecules of blood race to that one spot. I feel the tip of your tongue touching the top of my head, I jerk around looking for your tongue and my hard cock goes deeper into your mouth. Your tongue starts to pet him gently slipping on the head around and around in circles. Every time you finish a circle, I relax and every time you begin a new one I start to go wild. Seeing that I am ready you go down on him sliding my whole dock into your mouth. I feel your lips at the bottom of my shaft and your tongue around him as you pull down on my balls continuing to pull them and massage them gently as if they are dice. Your mouth moves slowly on my dick and you reach the top you let his head to your lips brushing him with your warm tongue. I feel the temperature change and it drives me nuts. I can only respond, “I will fuck you so hard baby, I will fuck like a train hit.” You start to move faster as I clench your hair gently guiding your mouth over my cock. You here me breathing hard and I wish I could cum, to burst out in your mouth, but I hold myself knowing that I have to take you first. So I pull your head of my dick and pull you up giving you a kiss as I squeeze and separate your ass cheeks and push up on your drenched pussy with my hand.

“Are you ready for the adventure, now?” I ask and you nod complacently with a horny complacent look turning around before I even command you. “Then turn around you dirty bitch and stick your ass out!” You put your hands on both edges of the window sill you spread your legs. I see your shiny pussy spread and above your other whole. Not knowing which whole to pick I take the head of my cock and I guide up and down without putting him in I push him from your wet asshole to your wet pussy, lubricating your area with your juices. As I do that, I finally force my head into your asshole, you let out an “Ah!” as he goes in then you relax, raising your head and looking at the ceiling. I don’t push hard because I can feel you are not used to being taken from the ass. I push softly, half my dick in your tight ass until I feel you softening up. You are getting louder now, “What did you say whore? You like it like that, you like it slow in the ass, huh?” I reply. “Yes its good you answer, fuck me with your hard tool.” I feel you as you open up and each time it gets deeper and deeper as I increase the speed. I put my hand around you and between your legs on your clit and start to tease it. Your pussy is now dripping from your wetness jealous of your asshole. I can feel you wanting to ride my cock. “Put in my other hole,” you say to me. “What?” I answer, you are not ready yet, I will put him in, when you are ready bitch, “ I say in your ear. “I am re-“ you trying to finish your sentence but you cannot as I stroke your clit you start to convulse and your legs can barely hold you up. We are not drenched in sweat so with my dick still in you I push the window open and it flies open, your one hand slips and I hold you firmly on my dick with my arm around your waist as the fresh air and the loud sound of the train racing floods the small space cooling us off. Before you can figure out what is going on, I pull him out of you, find your pussy lips and shove my head into your soaked pussy lips. I take him out, just a little and put him in again and again and then slowly as you soften up I push him all into your warm pussy. “Now is the right time bitch,” You moan harder as I watch your pussy’s juices shine my dick and your lips hugging him as I pull him out and push him in again. “Do you agree? Be as loud as you want now that I opened the window.” You love it slowly moaning, I feel your juices flood inside around my dick. I push slowly, but forcefully around in a circle as I feel your cheeks against my hips holding and pushing him in a little longer as you reach the bottom of my cock. I start to push him faster and harder now and you stick your ass out more and you are moaning rhythmically ‘Fuck me, fuck me you fucker . . . fuck me.” I grab your hair with one hand, my arm around your waist and I start to fuck you harder and faster as we watch the wilderness outside the window fly by. You are now moaning, I can feel your pussy inside getting ready for a first orgasm. She is getting softer around my head as I am pushing I can feel your flush and you are now moaning “no, no, yes, I love your cock, take me fucker” you flush and I feel you dry up so I slow down a little bit still pushing him in and out of you.

Then there is a knock at the door, “Anyone in there?”
“Yes” I answer still fucking you.
“Please come out, tickets please.”
“Wait until I finish, I am not done yet, go away.” I answer and then I start to pound you faster feeling you wet inside again. I can’t wait to spurt my cum all your body. “Don’t worry about anything bitch, keep taking it.” You moan faster again. “You like my cock huh you like it all the way in you! Well take it!” I feel you getting soft once more as I await your second orgasm, you begin to flush inside your pussy, you get wild moaning loudly again. I feel my dick getting harder as I feel the rush coming on, I want to make you finish once more before I cum, so I hold on watching the green trees. “Ah, ah yes, that’s good, so good” you moan. I feel you flush as your body starts to shake. I am still holding you from you hair pounding confidently on your perfect ass cheeks. I get louder and I turn over and say to you, “get down, I am going to finish in your mouth, get down fast!” I pull him of you and pull you down releasing your hair, you get on your knees as you put your hands around my dick. You try to put him your mouth fast, but before you can open your mouth I release my load not able to hold on any longer. “Ah, ah, take it baby, yeah take it!” My cum shoots out all over your lips, but you still shove him into your mouth petting him with your tongue as I am finishing and jerking back and forth. You look up to me with your pretty blue eyes as you slid on me calming me down. You lick him longer sliding gently on him. I take a deep breath and watch you. Then I give you my hand to help you up. We stand looking out the window as we hold onto each other.

After a minute I say,
“You see you were wrong.”
“About what?” you answer
“That just because we are having wine together, doesn’t mean that I can fuck you.” I answer. “I can and I did.”
“Well, I guess it's a nice adventure, better than the same places and the same faces.”
“What’s your name?” I ask you
“Does it matter now?” you say
“Yes, it does . . . I want to know what I will call you next time we fuck, we still have twelve hours to go . . .”
You smile.

Knock on the door, “Tickets please.”

The End

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