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For the most part the week went well as the first week of school was off to a hot start as the temperatures here climb into the 105 - 106 mark and that is before the humidity is factored in.

Well this weekends story of woe on a teenager deals with the one that just moved out a month ago. Let me back up here on the drill team, I never do anything wrong, HEY WORLD LOOK AT ME, I am all that and a bag of chips daughter. ( so from this point on she will be known as Miss Bag of Chips)

When Miss Bag of Chips was 16.5 years old she went to the mall and met this guy. She proceeded to talk to him on the phone for a couple of days before she told us about him. When she came to us and asked us about him she had to tell us he was 19. Well right off the bat I was dead set against it. But I am step mom and daddy really as everyone knows has the real say. I don't care how you cut that cake the real deal is the step parent can only go so far with say so cause the real mom or dad can over-ride it anyways. Not that Big Daddy had a tendency to do this but on this on occasion as much as I said no and had put my foot down. She was telling us how great of a guy he was, he was a preachers son and blah blah blah. JUST MEET HIM YOU WILL LIKE HIM !!!! RIGHT......... FAMOUS LAST WORDS....

So ( and for all intense purposes you will know later why I call him this ) Mr. Dumbshit comes over to the house to meet us. I left and was sitting outside with my good friend and neighbor the one who died in February of this year. As Mr. Dumbshit pulled up to our house I looked at Kim and said "Linsey's life has just changed forever" I just had this sickening feeling in my gut.

Well at first glance he was ok looking. I was surprised to see she had taken a liking to him. He was kinda pussyfied if asked me. The kind of guy that when he shakes your hand it is really light barely hangs on. What a pussy my Grandfather was right you can tell a lot about a man by the way he shakes your hand. OH GAWD makes me sick to think about it. He stuck his little paw out and light shook my hand and i gripped his as if to break off all 5 fingers and said "Your a little light in the loafers there aren't ya son" He just looked as me as if to say what does that mean.


Well Mr. Dumbshit just looked at me and said he was from Ohio and that he was from a really small town and back home they did not have a problem with that kind of thing but since moving to Texas he has noticed it is really a big deal. He swore up and down his intentions were honorable and that he really liked Miss Bag of Chips. I proceeded to give him 2 hours of military style questioning that would have made any murder investigator proud. I all but told him to put his thumb in the black ink and let me have some DNA.

Well her Daddy kinda liked the guy but I rolled my nose up. He stunk from day 1 and I have prayed for a milk truck to run him over ever since day 2. He made one statement that has stuck in my mind and that was... "I really like Miss Bag of Chips and from this day forward I am not going anywhere. I will be in her life for good" HMMMMMM well we will see how long for good is when Aunt Pat kills you and tells God you died......

It started off like any normal relationship him hanging out, then slowly her dad said ok you can go on a date. Had a early curfew that eventually faded into the limelight. He first came around in July of 04 and wooed her with flowers two and 3 dozen. Her homecoming mum was so big I could hardly lift it. Then by Christmas 2004 he presented her with a 1 carat diamond engagement ring. Needless to say the sex started about 3 months after they started dating which I had to trip them up to get them to admit it so I could get her on the pill to protect MYSELF............. I did not want to raise a kid.... Mine were almost out of the house and hell no I was not starting over.

Well then for Valentines Day he got her a cellphone and it was on his account that way he did not have to call our house. I guess you see the picture unfolding here...... Things were to be kept in secret from us because by this time NOTHING WAS ANY OF OUR BUSINESS... But being the snoopy investigative person I am I always found out what I wanted to know. You have to remember she has a younger sister.

Well as time goes on we see less and less of him and she begins to have less and less friends because he just does not like any of them. But she was required to sit here at the house while he went out and ran around with his friends. Of whom I might add she was not allowed to pick which ones she liked and did not like. GO FIGURE you might be saying at this point. We urged her and urged her to break up with him but it was to no avail. She was now emotionally and sexually connected to him as he was her first and all you women know how that is.

The next few months were full of ups and downs. He would break up with her when she did not do what he wanted. First he would take away the ring and then cut her phone off and call her a slut. Well Auntie Pat had it out with him toe to toe in the living room about the second time this happened. I told him he was a no good piece of shit who would never be good enough for my daughter and that he was an idiot wrapped in a moron. GET OUT OF MY HOUSE GET OFF MY PROPERTY AND IF I EVER SEE YOU HERE AGAIN YOU WILL BE ARRESTED OR SHOT. Miss Bag of chips may decide to stay with you there is nothing I can do about that but we do not support it nor will I ever change my mind. So instantly I became the dating enemy number 1. My picture front and profile must have been plastered in the dating hall of fame as the worst parent ever.

By this point Big Daddy had to come to me and hanging his head crying after one of the bouts of taking away the ring, the phone and his daughter in her room crying her eyes out and said I should have listen to you in the beginning. I told him I am not here to ever say "I TOLD YOU SO" BUT I AM HERE TO PRAY MR. DUMBSHIT GETS RUN OVER BY A MILK TRUCK AND SOON !!!!!!!!!!!! Cause all we can do by this point is be here for her when she needs us.

Through out the last two years of her high school career she went to bed crying more times than not. You have to know she is drop dead gorgeous and could have just about anyone and Mr. Dumbshit knows it. Come to find out after I did some checking back in his little town of Ohio his ex-girlfriend had tried to commit suicide 3 times while with him. I AM HERE TO SAY I KNOW WHY !!!!!!!!! He played mind games with her until she felt useless. Come to find out his Daddy was a youth minister who had gotten thrown out of the church. PREACHERS KID MY ASS !!!!!!!!!!

Well to move forward to this current year here is it March 2006 and Mr. Dumbshit turns 21. Now he can get into the bars and for sure all dates stop..... He has no time for her but she is not allowed to go out and do anything. I just told her that was stupid. There will come a day when you will regret having wasted your whole high school dating career on this jackass. BUT I LOVE HIM SHE EXCLAIMED. If this is love dear then someone shoot me cause I don't want no part of it. Honey look at how fantastic your Daddy treats me and look at the way Mr. Dumbshit treats you. Now which one do you think is right. She said my Daddy but I love Mr. Dumbshit. I just looked at her and said ok we will be here when ENOUGH HAS BEEN ENOUGH !!!!

Moving forward again with tons of drama too much to blog about as you can imagine it is now July 2006 and in June right after graduation he talked her into signing with him on an apartment. She moved out on July 27th. Here was the first hint this was not going to be a good thing. The afternoon she moved our Mr. Dumbshit had not been on our property since the day I kicked him off shows up late. He had rented a little U-haul trailer and when the people at the U-haul rental place hooked it up to the back of his truck they did not connect it right. The trailer passed Mr. Dumbshit up going 80 miles per hour down a 5 lane highway. Thank God no-one was injured or killed... I JUST LOOKED AT HER AND SAID HERE'S YOUR SIGN...

She had already packed her stuff and it was sitting out in the driveway. For days leading up to the big move she was sickly nervous. I knew she was wondering if she was making a huge mistake. But she so desperately wanted it to be ok and to think Mr. Dumbshit would change.

In short here is the summary of what has happened in the 1 little old month since she has lived with him. They moved into the apartment on a Friday and the next Tuesday she showed up on our doorstep at 10:30 pm needing a place to spend the night he had kicked her out.. GO FIGURE!!! Next day she goes back and they work it out. That weekend he goes out gets drunk come home starts a fight and leaves and goes to stay with his parents. So in 7 days they have only spent the night together 4 days. The next week was just full of fighting. This past week he turned off her cellphone, busted up the apartment, took back the ring and told her to get out.... He did the same thing the week before this one.

So yesterday she found one of her friends from drill team who needed a roommate. She went back to the apartment to pack her stuff. She got it all packed up and was ready to move out today. Need I say he stayed out all night last night never came back to the apartment. I WONDER WHAT GIRL HE SCREWED LAST NIGHT DUH!!!!!

We were so excited she was done she was out it was over. OH SHIT HE CAME HOME TODAY BEFORE HER NEW ROOM MATE COULD GET THERE TO HELP HER MOVE AND GUESS WHAT !!!!!!!!!! They talked and he begged her to stay..... Promised it would be different just like he has done hundreds of times in the past 2 years. His temper though is getting worse is what scares me. 2 weeks ago he told her to stop doing something before he slapped her..... She just looked at him and said "PLEASE SLAP ME PLEASE THAT WAY I CAN CALL MY DADDY AND GIVE HIM THE REASON HE NEEDS TO KICK YOUR ASS"

As many of you that are parents know there is nothing we can do but sit back and wait until ENOUGH HAS BEEN ENOUGH !!!!!!! I hate for it to come at the price of her getting physically hurt but that is what it looks like it is going to take. I can report this Big Daddy is just waiting because he told Mr. Dumbshit along time ago... we can't stop her from dating you but if you ever ever ever touch her I WILL BEAT YOU WITH IN AN INCH OF YOU SEEING THE LIGHT OF GOD AND I WILL BRING YOU BACK AND BEAT YOU SOME MORE. GET IT PUNK..... THERE ARE SOMETHINGS WORTH GOING TO JAIL FOR AND THIS MR. DUMBSHIT IS ONE OF THEM.

So here we are it has now been about a month since she moved out and all we can do is sit back and watch....... I HATE FEELING HELPLESS.

I will keep everyone posted as it goes I just hope she wakes up to him before it cost's her a beating or worse her life...... Keep her in your prayers. I hate feeling helpless....

Auntie Pat


benibluetwo 48F

8/20/2006 2:26 pm

Sounds like she still has some guts in her...hopefully she will break away before he breaks her completely. All she needs is that straw to break the camels back, I know what did it for me to get out of a verbally and emotionally bankrupt and abusive relationship but its not the same for everyone. Good luck and best wishes that this is over soon.




TravelinsAuntPat 51F

8/21/2006 12:22 am

    Quoting benibluetwo:
    Sounds like she still has some guts in her...hopefully she will break away before he breaks her completely. All she needs is that straw to break the camels back, I know what did it for me to get out of a verbally and emotionally bankrupt and abusive relationship but its not the same for everyone. Good luck and best wishes that this is over soon.
well thank you for the wishes now read my next post your going to flip.....

kyplowboy22 62M

8/21/2006 3:26 pm

Tell Big Daddy we got all kinds of sink holes 'round heah...and they sell lime by the ton down at the fertilizer plant. Fellers have been known to come up amissin' from time to time.


TravelinsAuntPat 51F

8/23/2006 2:14 pm

    Quoting kyplowboy22:
    Tell Big Daddy we got all kinds of sink holes 'round heah...and they sell lime by the ton down at the fertilizer plant. Fellers have been known to come up amissin' from time to time.


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