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playwithmeaz 44F

8/22/2006 6:12 am

What an idiot!

Let's see how many things are wrong with this picture? First, she should have read your profile to see what you were all about before reacting like she did. If she didn't like that people wrote testimonials about you, she should have just said, no thank you, and moved on. And while we're on the topic of testimonials, quite honestly, she can go fuck herself, because I am one of your friends that wrote a testimonial for you! She's not only implying something about you, BUT she's also implying something about me and all your other friends too!

Secondly, she should update her profile so it says exactly what she wants from other people (or just person I guess, in this case!) That's the problem with people on this site. It's people like her that ruin it for everyone else just looking for some good times. Nothing but liars and fakes. Hey Pete, it's her loss! Don't worry about a thing. Besides, that gives me more time with you and your wife!

Keep your circle of friends and move on. Karma will bite this young lady in the ass one day. I actually feel sorry for her, for some strange reason!


CumPlayWithUs59 59M/53F

9/4/2006 8:12 am

Testimonials are a valuable tool if you know what to look for. If all of a person's(or couple's) testimonials say stuff like "hope we get to meet you", they are probably the type that never meets anybody. If all their testimonials are from "standard members" chances are they signed up for multiple accounts and wrote them themselves. And finally, if they have a testimonial from someone they met, who has a paid profile, then they are less likely to be flakey no-shows. Plus you get to see the type of people they play with which gives you an idea if they will think you are attractive.

CumPlayWithUs59 59M/53F

9/4/2006 1:36 pm

While there are exceptions to every rule, when you have to deal with the mountain of responses that couples get, you need to use generalities as guidelines. We don't use these general guidelines as a exclusionary tool, we just keep these things in mine before expending alot of time in an attempt to connect with these people.

Using our general guidelines, I can see from your testimonials that you are real and actually do meet people and that you are not hung up on the "Barbie-doll" type.

You also evidently know how to handle yourself in the sack and have a good sense of humor but thats beside the point.

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