Strange people  

TrapperTim88 45M
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7/17/2006 6:16 am

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10/30/2009 2:48 pm

Strange people

Ever notice some people just do NOT fill out a profile? Some even go as far to put a picture and no words.. Im curious.. what is the point of that?
All i can come up with are 3 Reasons:

1: Person just hadn't gotten around to it yet
2: The person in the picture is a victim of a prank and doesnt know they'r even here
3: Lazy

Im not complaining mind you, but if someone messages you to arrange a meeting and they have a picture and NO profile info... Its alot more suspicious than someone who filled a whole profile and is just too shy or worried about posting a picture.

I've only been here on AdultFriendFinder say 2 weeks at most .. so simply looking for fire up a conversation.. and this topic has been on my mind for a while now.

cherry_surprise5 38F

8/23/2006 8:43 am

I know hun. What's up with that anyways? I know from my own personal experiences... I will rarely pursue anything with someone who's profile is lacking info. That's the whole point of the profile isn't it? Gives ya a glance enough at the person to establish whether or not there's enough initial interest to encourage you to contact the person from the profile. I dunno.. maybe it's just me... but that's what I thought the profile was for lol. You can have a million pics.. but if ya got no background info... ya get nadda from me. I'd be more likely to contact someone who had filled out a detailed profile but had no pics.
Ok.. before I write a book lol.. just threw in my two cents worth. I agree on your three reasons why people fill out profiles but don't put the info. Either it's a fake profile, they're lazy, or they just hadn't gotten around to it.. which.. is still lazy lol.

Later hun

Cherry Surprise

TrapperTim88 45M
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2/27/2007 4:15 pm

eeeexxxactly.. that is the whole point of filling one of these out.. Most assume unfilled profiles are either bots or new people, but some are just too lazy to put anything down.. other times.. the people are simply such bad liars than they can't commit to any one story and keep it in mind.

I put down everything i percieved as relevant to breaking the 1st layer of ice with regards to getting the ball rolling.. if people want to reply to that.. so much the better.. but a blank profile is like reaching under a skirt and finding a treetrunk. Kills any chance of anything ever happening.

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