Dance Floor Fantasy  

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7/27/2006 8:38 am
Dance Floor Fantasy

Dance Floor Encounter

I am introduced to her by her husband at a local dance club. She is shy and at first does not take me up on my offer to dance. But she does stay somewhat close to chat. Her husband leaves for the men’s room and she changes her mind and grabs my hand and leads me to the dance floor. We dance with out contact at first but then I pull her closer and we begin to enjoy the contact and heat from our bodies. Her hard body matches mine and rocks in rhythm making us is hold on tighter as we heat up. Eye contact gets stronger and more frequent until we can't stop ourselves from kissing. A small kiss at first, followed by sucking on the lower lip. My tongue then finds its way into her mouth and deep french kissing. We slow or dancing and find a quieter corner of the dance floor to keep the kissing going. I put my knee between her thighs and arousing her love spot with my knee cap. We make a slow dance off of the dance floor and disappear. We escape to an out of the way nook but still in view of the dance floor. There I pull her arms above her head and press her back against the wall and my body against hers. The heat between us is growing by the minute. I can fell her heart beat on my chest. I slowly reach under her blouse to feel her rock hard nipples. I caress them in circles as her body begins to squirm. I lift her blouse and begin to circle her nipples with my tongue. Her nipples are now as hard as steal and inflamed and blood red. We begin to kiss again and I french kiss her deep and long. My tongue finds it way to her neck and I caress her neck softly. She has goose bumps and begs for more. She reaches down and begins to rub my hard cock through my jeans. She traces the outline of my cock knowing that it is bigger than any she has had. She begins to get even more turned on and ask to unzip my fly. I slow her down a bit by reaching under her skirt and moving her panties to the side so that my index finger can find her enlarged clit. I massage it softly at first. Her body is now in rhythmic motion against my hand. She begins to nibble on my neck and whisper naughty things in my ear. She wants me to know all of things that she wants to do to me. I am quite excited by the dirty talk and I lead her to a back office in the dance club.

Let’s finish the erotic story together………… or I will get around to my own version of the ending.

Enjoy, Bobby

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