Walter Mitty in Cyberspace  

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Walter Mitty in Cyberspace

If you have never read The Secret Life of Walter Mitty by James Thurber, you may want to give that a spin first. You can find it here:

This is my tribute to Mr. Thurber and to all the Walter’s out there attempting to escape their daily life in the world that is cyberspace.

Walter Mitty in Cyberspace

"Oh god yes Walter!! Lick me, lick my pussy!" she screamed as his tongue lashed back and forth over her clit.

"Do you like me to suck your pussy?" Walter asked as his fingers plunged into her wetness. He pulled them out slowly, his thumb teasingly tracing circles around her hardened nub before plowing them back into her depths.

Her back arched with each inward thrust. She gasped, "Oh yes. Please suck me some more. I am so close Walter. Please...ohhhh...please."

Walter dropped his head back down, blowing lightly on her pouting lips before he sucked them into his lips then darted his tongue between the blossoming folds. He alternated sucks and licks...working inexorably upward to her waiting clit once again. Walter’s tongue gently grazed over her clit and his ears caught the sound of her breath drawing in. He paused....just a moment…..then sucked it into his mouth, his tongue slashing quickly over her swollen pea.

Her hips thrust up to meet his tongue, desperately seeking the ever approaching orgasm. Her hands grabbed his head, urging him to lick, bite, suck more feverishly. "Walter!! God Walter ...oooohoohohohooo...Walter...Walter...Walter...”

"Walter?” a voice beckoned from some ethereal distance. "Walter, why are you breathing so heavy?"

SexyLady slowly faded from his mind, a graying picture of pert breasts lying gently on the thin lithe body. The last image of her, legs spread in an inviting V, crowned by the delicate bud of her vagina drifted away into nothingness.

"Are you having another of your spells Walter? You really should go see Doc Renshaw." He glanced away from the computer, seeking out the voice that tore him from ecstasy. Across the room, the image of his wife floated into view. "I always tell you to wear your coat on days like today but you never listen."

His mind struggled for a moment to place this unfamiliar person before he regained his composure, "No dear, I’m fine. I was...ummm…just reading." Reluctantly, he glanced one last time at the colorful words scrolling over the screen, mumbled a reluctant goodnight to SexyLady and closed the window to the chat room.

" may seem warm..." his wife’s voice faded back in, "... but you still need your coat. Ask Doc Renshaw, he’ll tell you the same thing."

"I didn’t need a coat," Walter offered, not bothering to mention that he had talked to Renshaw earlier in the day. The good doctor wore a stylish short sleeve pullover, one of those overpriced ones with the logos Walter always wished his wife would let him buy....

...Walter peeled the overpriced, logo’d, pullover off his toned chest as he strode down the beach. Carelessly, he tossed it into the hot sand and made his way to the glistening water. She waited, waist deep in the surf, her fingers lazily toying with the water. He grinned to himself as she turned sideways, amazed how the seemingly frail fabric of the bikini top encased her opulent breasts. Silently, he waded out to her, slipping his arms around her waist and kissing lightly on the back of her neck. She sighed, leaning her head back into him. Walter caught the familiar scent of jasmine in her golden hair and breathed it in deeply. He turned her towards him and lost himself in her deep blue eyes. She giggled at him and tip toed to softly kiss his lips. "Make love to me Walter. Here, on the beach. No one will see us." A wicked grin spread across her radiant face. "I want you in me Walter. I want to feel your body on me, I need you to make love to me Walter." She continued as she splashed her way to the sand. He stood, transfixed by the erotic curves of her hips, the shapely legs, that fantastic ass!! "Come on Walter....Walter...

...Walter….do you hear me?" His wife’s voice cracked the earth, which swallowed the beach, girl and all, leaving only the flashing message in AIM. "I am making an appointment for you tomorrow!!!"

"I don’t need to see any doctor. I’m fine."

"If you were fine you wouldn’t be drifting off like that all the time." She snipped.

"Drifting," Walter mumbled. The young chiseled man came drifting across the room towards him, his eyes never leaving Walter’s. Walter knew his perfectly tailored suit outlined his own masculine physique and had drawn stares from both the men and women at this exclusive party hosted by the world famous Doctor Renshaw. Was there a hint of Italian in the young man? Walter flashed him a quick smile as he drew nearer.

The man stopped in front of Walter, "I saw you and knew I had to say hello. My name is Carlo."

So he was Italian. Walter’s world travels made him uncannily accurate. Walter extended his hand and Carlo took it firmly. "I am very pleased to know you Carlo."

Carlo continued to gaze into Walter’s eyes, holding his hand longer than was customarily acceptable, but Walter didn’t mind, he welcomed this newcomer. Carlo stammered, stopped, thought for a second then began again, "I know I am being forward, out of place, but...would…would you care to leave the party? Come back to my place? I would love to touch you, feel your body next to mine. I want to touch and stroke your cock. I want to lick and suck your balls, run my tongue over your hard shaft and feel your cock in my mouth."

"Carlo, I would love that. By the way, my name is Walter."


"Walter, Walter!!", I swear, you and that infernal computer. You’ll go blind you know, staring at that thing all day. Just what is it you are doing?"

"Nothing. Looking for the overshoes you wanted me to buy." Walter sighed as he closed the window to the AdultFriendFinder chat room.

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