Damn toys  

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5/17/2006 6:01 pm

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Damn toys

There he was. Her man was stretched out in the bed on his back. He must have been dreaming about her. She tipped through the room quietly to the attached bathroom and began to remove her close. She knew that once she got in the bed her body heat would awaken him. She had to move fast. She looked in the drawer and there was her favorite toy. She turned it on to find the batteries we still good but not at full strength. That was good because she didn't was to cum until he was inside her. She turned it on and leaned over the sink to get a good angle. It was small dildo, just enough to manipulate her clit. Normally two, three minutes she was wet and ready. Not this time. She didn't seem to be hitting it just right. She move around so much so that she knocked the mouthwash off the counter. She tipped toed to the door to find he was still in his slumber. "This is ridiculous" she thought. She decided to concentrate once more. Maybe she was in too much of a hurry. She leaned over the sink, relaxed, took a deep breath and began again. This time she closed her eyes and thought about how good it would be once she eased back the covers and mounted him like a great stallion. She imagined how his face would look everytime she took it in as deep as it would go. How he would reach up, grabbing her tits, grabbing her ass, how incredible it would feel. She could feel the warmth building inside of her. She knew that soon she would be to the point where she would be dripping wet. As long as he was hard she would have no trouble at all. (to be cont)..........

STCMOguy4fun 38M

5/23/2006 1:23 am

Freakin awsome, keep up the exellent writting.

Drop me a line some time.

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