round 2...  

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1/12/2006 12:50 pm

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round 2...

As we lay on the floor really not wanted to part from each other I slide my hands along her waist, one snaking its way to the small of
her lovely back, I can feel the tingle of her excitement. I can barely contain my own excitement. I start to kiss her deeply, my
fingers and hands gently touching her body. Every inch of it that I can reach… One hand gently over her wonderful breasts. I can smell and taste her juicy sweat from our encounter. As my lips continue to kiss her, now softly worshipping her neck, so too do my hands pay homage to her derriere, squeezing, pulling her even closer to me. I role her over as my lips begin to explore her shoulders and her neck from behind.

My fingers move slowly and still deliberately against her soft thighs and bum. Slowly caressing
every sweet inch of her back side, my fingers are ready to come into paradise. I spread her legs further apart and slowly stroking her outer lips that have now swelled even more with lustfulness, drawing the wetness to my own lips for my tongue to share. Her body begins to tremble again with almost imperceptibly, building to what will only be a beginning of another round for her, not an end. One finger, then another slides its way between her lips, drinking deeply of the wetness that is flowing more strongly now. My hand becomes a busy bee between her sweet petals as my fingers begin to stroke her now insistent button of pleasure,
and I feel her entire body twitch with each slow and gentle stroke. My fingers hold you open
to me as I seek your ecstasy. They drink more deeply of your pleasure now as she becomes wetter still.

Her body begins to squirm, and I realize that I am going to have to pick up the pace of the rhythm of her longing, stroking less gently now.
I'm probing inside her with want you so badly
my fingers speaking to her in a sense. My fingers begin to have the sense of rhythm, in tune with her more ragged breath now, gasping
for her release. Harder, faster and bamm it flows again, waves of pleasure washing over my
my fingers. Faster still my fingers move within her, stroking more rapidly, probing and now thrusting to feel all the paradise of her ecstasy.

The night did not end here...

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