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10/12/2005 11:44 am

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At a party several years ago while in college to kick start a the fraternity they played “Twister”. They set it up in the basement (hardwood floors) where there was plenty of room. They slicked the playing surface with Crisco oil (wouldn’t have been my choice) and had some good old rock and roll playing to set the mood. They also had a open bar and a keg tapped in the basement which definitely encouraged many to play and made it very interesting as the night progressed.

It took maybe an hour or so before two young ladies got the game going and before you knew there was 4 or 5 people playing slipping and sliding on the slicked surface. There were many onlookers (including myself) who were drinking, watching, laughing and cheering them on. By 10:30 there was so many people wanting to play that they ran to Target to buy 3 more games. They taped all four games together forming one huge playing surface and oiled them all down with a thick coat of Crisco. It was crazy from there on out as the game was always full as peoples bodies intertwined, slipping and falling covering their bodies with oil and alcohol that had been spilled onto the floor creating some wonderful views.

As it approached 1 A.M. a couple of hot young ladies who had been playing off and on all night removed their shirts and pants to play in their bra’s and panties (Should have seen the guys trying to play in this game lol) Well things got rather exciting from their on out as clothes shed and hot, sticky, and slippery bodies were everywhere the eye could see. As the party broke I’m sure many (including myself) had some good sex as a direct result of the excitement created by playing “Twister”.

I’ve to this day never played again despite having the game in an unopened box but would like to rectify that soon. Imagine getting together as a small group or in a 1-1 setting and playing naked with baby oil covering the surface and your naked bodies. I’m sure it would be a lot of fun and ultimately lead to some very HOT SEX.

PS… If anybody would like to play give me a holler and we’ll get it going.

TopDawgLarry 55M

10/14/2005 8:59 pm

Is there any other way to play Lioness? not in my opinion

by the way I read your explanation but none was needed but I applaud you on fighting through it "Your Way".

Nothing wrong with being a ref but of course they have to be naked too

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10/17/2005 2:55 am

NAKED TWISTER! Wow! Sounds like that would be one hell of an exciting experience. (especially if one is as flexible and limber as I am!) Definately keep me posted when the date for the "Party Erotica" and you can see for yourself just how far behind my head my feet can go! Or, what the hell, why wait for a big get-together, my man would love for you play some naughty naked games with me!
(but we will have to reconisider that vegetable oil, and come up with something a bit more sexy) If this peaks your curiosity at all, be sure to let me know...I do believe we could actually fulfill a number of those fantasies for you!

TopDawgLarry 55M

10/18/2005 12:45 pm

Bubby2u---- of course I would be interested if you can fulfill any of my fantasies and I'm always up for some naughty games!

Of course I wouldnt also mind seeing how limber you are too .

Drop me a email sometime or look for me on another messenger!

rm_dishdelish69 55F
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10/28/2005 8:59 pm

Love this idea...Can we have something like this on the 11th!!

TopDawgLarry 55M

10/28/2005 11:27 pm

somebody else asked about that dish. I suppose a lot depends on how much room we have in the hotel. Sure would be a great ice breaker wouldnt it .

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