Weekly Mail Bag  

Toothy_Cunt 42F
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12/25/2005 6:21 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Weekly Mail Bag

Once again, the best of the worst from the 72 emails I received this week.

Have you ever tried french cum...?
It's so tasty...
Let's talk?

Unwrap me anytime you like. Looking for safe, discreet, heartpounding fun.

Hello Dear,
I would really like to take a tour of your body with the light touch of my fingers followed by my moist lips, with my soft beard stimulating your soft skin. Then sucking on your clit while I message your g-spot until your opening clinches my fingers and you moan in pleasure, and thats just the beginning.. So I would not judge a book by its cover

I don't rate a response back, comeon give a guy a break and give him some play.

hi toothy do you like chocolate if so lets chat

U seem to be the perfect pick! I have been looking for u for a while now. I am a 33 Year old very romantic, successful, handsome, intelligent, guy who wants to spoil a young and shy white LADY in everyway possible, especially to cuddle with her on a cold evening, and have her moan and groan the rest of the night. I fantasize about being with you. why?
Well long story short. I had a beautiful neighbour who was a total hotty who loved being banged by black men, Unfortunately, I was dumb and did not take advantage of the situation. She wanted me so bad and tried her best to seduce me with no avail. One time, it was very cold and snowy outside. I came home from work and she saw me. She asked me to help her start her car. I agreed and was trying to work on the battery, when she intentionally rubbed her front against my butt. I asked her what she was doing and she asked me if there was a problem. I told her the battery was dead and needed replacing. She told me to come into her house and get the new battery she just bought. I went in and she told me to wait in the living room. Suddenly, she and a big black guy came in. I was out of words, because they were naked and he was erect at 12 inches. I thought in my head, what a slut! She demanded that I fuck her. However, I declined and told them i had to go because I had an important appointment. I guess she was trying hard to seduce me to fuck her, but I refused to budge. She was very frustrated and mumbled something about the reason is that she loved big black dick and i was afraid I could not keep-up.
I went home, but since then felt so guilty for not makin her wish and mines happen. I have fantasized about being with her for years now, and have jacked-off so many times and thought about her while I was fucking girls. However, she moved away. I am looking to rekindle the passion and urgently need your help.

Please let me know if I can place a Cum deposit in your box soon and fulfiling my itch. I am staying at a hotel in DC till the holidays and would love to take u out and having some fun. I will not write all what i will do to u. You have to try and I promise this will be worthwhile.


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