Life, Death and The Philadelphia Eagles  

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9/28/2005 9:06 am

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Life, Death and The Philadelphia Eagles

William Frizzel's interception of a Jim Everett pass with 24 seconds to play in the game wasn't the reason the Philadelphia Eagles beat the L A Rams. That was the way they won but I know God was really seeing that a life long Philadelphia sports fan would have one last opportunity to see his favorite football team win.My father was that man and the battle he is fighting is a losing one.In June he went into the hospital for a supposedly easy surgery to remove a benign tumor.The tumors they found were malignant melanoma - the deadliest cancer you can have .It was located on his spine and there was no hope in stopping it.As a result of the surgery, he had been paralyzed from the waist down.

This is someone who was active his whole life. A lifelong Philadelphia sports fan, he grew up in Bridgeton New Jersey, attened LaSalle College and Jefferson Medical School. As one of seven children from a family of modest means, he had to work for everything he ever had -putting himself through school ,working several jobs and drumming on weekends.He built a thriving medical practice in North Jersey yet never gave up his love for Philadelphia sports.When I would visit he would be listening on the radio or ask me to tell him what I had heard about his Philadelphia teams since I was living and working in the city.

The cancer had taken many things - his mobility,his medical practice, and it is destroying his hearing and eyesight. It has taken his hope and ultimately it will take his life but it has not taken the things he enjoyed the most - his children and his sports teams.He has already out lived the three months the doctors gave him.The quality of his life was reduced to a wheelchair and a bed.

My brother and I had an idea - lets take Dad to an Eagles game.He said he was interested and as it turned out, we could get tickets to the Rams game in Philly. How ironic because 20 years earlier he had taken my brother and I to see the Rams humble the Eagles.I was a Rams fan as a young man but once I went to school in Philadelphia I began to love the teams my father loved his whole life.

We were able to pull this off thanks to the kindness of many strangers.As we drove to the game in his specially equipped van I thought about how my father had driven me as a child and then taught me to drive and here I was paying him back.The weather was perfect, the game could not have turned out better and it brought joy into a life that had not experience much happiness in months.

When we finally got him home after the game with the Eagles victorious we put him upstairs to bed. I had the opportunity to tell him I loved him and he said for the first time that he loved me and thanked me for what I did for him that day.It was a day I will never forget, a day I will look back and remember when I am left behind to deal with the disappointment and sorrow of losing one of Philadelphia's greatest sports fans.

Postscript - four months after this was written my father died.

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Hey TE - I'm here - just checking it out. (DT)

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nice post

my dad died of cancer to

a brain tumor when i was five

thanks for sharing your story

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