Are you Reeling In the Years?  

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9/27/2005 5:23 am

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Are you Reeling In the Years?

There always is a deal breaker in a relationship, isnt there? For me one of those deal breakers was you absolutely had to be be a Steely Dan fan.If you werent then you were not going to be happy being intimate with me.In fact, I dropped Nancy T on the spot when she said " all Steely Dan songs sound alike" and she had the largest rack I had ever touched!From their first album "Cant Buy a Thrill" to their most recent, I have acquired and played way too often every thing they ever recorded, including some bootlegs.If I had unlimited funds and was going to pick a band to play at my next wedding,retirement party or funneral this would be the one( and you can dance to their music as I did with a lover who also was a Dan Fan at one of their concerts but I am getting ahead of myself).

In the soundtrack of my life( a box set) Steely Dan would figure prominently in the rock section.How could you not love a band that was named for a fictional Japanese dildo? If the 70s were the golden age of rock and roll as I believe, Steely Dan was one of the best and smartest things to happen to rock since the Beatles and Stones. The invention and accessibility of their music and lyrics connected with me as a young high schooler and stayed with me throughout my life.

The cruelest part of being a Dan Fan is this band did not tour.I mean this was the 70s for God sake-every rock band toured. It allowed us Dan Fans to maintain an air of superiority about the bands decision not to tour but secretly,underneath the bullshit, I longed too hear them live.I know they were a studio band with the only two constants being Donald Fagan and Walter Becker.The players changed with every album and to make the cut you had to be damn good.Then it happened!

In 1993 it was announced Steely Dan would be touring for the first time in 23 years!OMG!They were coming to Philly! I called the ticket broker ASAP and told him to get me two of the best center stage tickets he could - price is no object- which he did. So who would I take to accompany me that night? My wife - a Dan fan when we met - had started to grow apart from me at that time and had no interest in seeing them( a major sign we were headed for trouble). J, a friend at work and a part time lover who was a huge Dan fan jumped at the chance.

I wish I could report it was everything I expected (isnt it so true that sometimes the build up is so great the experience cant possibly live up to your expectations?).Yes it was incredible seeing Walter and Donald live on stage. They played primarily the stuff off Aja and Gaucho, not the early stuff.They would go on to release two new albums and tour three times after their first tour as well as include songs from their early catalog.But to hear the Steely Dan orchestra recreate those classics like Babylon Sisters, Aja, Kid Charlemange,Third World Man - I was in heaven! We were so jacked up by the experience we drove to New York City and partied until the wee houurs of the morning.After an experience like that you just have to fuck!

I wait for another album and another tour but at least I satisfied one of the longings in my life.

Now if only the Police and Dire Straits would get back together again and hit the road. I could die a happy man.

digdug41 50M

9/27/2005 7:54 am

I know how you feel when you get to see like your alltime fav band live it is thrilling I finally got to see the red hot chilli peppers in august and I was so excited about it they really did there thing the only thing was it was a short set but other than that it rocked it also let me know that I'm not as young as I may feel because it was so loud and the lights were so bright and it was so crowded kinda made me gald it was a short set couldnt take it to much longer
but it was fun,its nice to have a band that just butters your popcorn like that so I can I.D with that feeling

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DirtyLilSecret61 56F

9/27/2005 9:30 am

"After an experience like that you just have to fuck!"

Well my my my ... stowing away a lil more than time methinks


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9/27/2005 6:06 pm

TomEboy -

Funny you should mention The Police. I have their box set playing in the DCEMobile as we speak. They're all I've been listening to in my car for the past week.

I was lucky enough to have seen them live three times (still got the raggedy t-shirts) and I'd love to see them again.

I figured if I'd hit that Mega Millions jackpot week before last, maybe I could've bribed them into doing a short set in my backyard. I've got a pretty big yard, so we could get a decent stage back there.

I know it's stupid, but a girl can dream, can't she? LOL

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