Sexy Sue Part One  

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4/17/2005 6:25 pm

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Sexy Sue Part One

We had worked together for a few years. Employed in a high tech industry, as a technologist I assessed detailed technical submissions and Sue was in charge of the administration of documentation control.

The work was to tight deadlines and was pretty intense and demanding. However, a group of us did relax on occasions by visiting the pub for a drink and a spot of grub at lunch time. On occasions this went on into the afternoon.

Sue was divorced and had a mature outlook, often willing to share a sexy joke or innuendo. She loved me watching her arse as she walked out of my office, knowing I could see the outline of her panties, the visible panty line (VP. But matters had so far not moved beyond a joke or close dancing at Christmas parties. Then she left and joined a company near by, but kept in touch.

She returned for a lunch celebration.For some reason this lunch was different. As usual the strong beer was consumed and there was lots of noisy conversation as we all ate and drank to relax. As lunch time came to an end other began to drift off and progressively I moved closer to Sue as the group grew smaller. Then sitting next to her in a quiet corner we started conversation on all the usual subjects. I can’t remember how but things seemed to somehow get a bit serious.

Perhaps we were talking about sexual experience and I took the opportunity to touch ankle to ankle and then slide my hand along Sue’s sexy thighs. She did not object as by now we were on our own in the quietest, most private, part of an almost empty pub.

I took her hand and proceeded to make love to it with mine. I used one hand to gently separate her fingers whilst making very suggestive movements by moving the fingers of my other hand between the separated fingers of hers. It’s difficult to describe this but I’m sure you can imagine the action and the effect. I added some secret thigh rubbing and soon had Sue breathing deeply. I must say that good company, food and drink was also having an affect on me. I seemed to be getting harder and more moist in certain private places. Her arse was obviously twitching.

Sue decided we had to return to work, so we crossed the street and boarded the lift for the sixth floor. Sue was looking randy and we were obviously ready for a serious one minute, fully private grope in the lift, but were suddenly disappointed by another member of staff joining us.

So we had to be content with eyeing each other with Sue whispering ‘shit’ as we were briefly together on leaving the lift for our offices. She went off to reminice with others before returning to her workplace.

I went to my office and got to work on some of the latest proposals. I looked up as the office door opened and there was Sue. She closed the door and moved over to discuss some documentation with me.

She needed to come round to my side of my desk in order that she might point out some detail of the report. She was standing close too me leaning over my desk and at some point in the discussion I slid my chair back and appreciated the closeness of her beautiful round arse. She was wearing a dark dress slightly below the knee with dark fine, shiny, silk smooth stockings; as I was to find. Our conversation continued on technical matters as I realised my left had was just a few inches from her right leg. As she leaned over the desk her legs were slightly apart and as I touched them with my hand she did not move. She did stop talking. I started stroking her lower legs with my hand and finger tips.

Each stroke went a little higher. Then I was running my finger around her knees and onwards and upwards…….

To be continued…..

Tom69plus 58M
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4/30/2005 5:12 am

Untamed,try summer lovin just to keep you goin. Sue 2 to follow.

With love and kissess,


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