Erogenous Zones 1, The Neck  

Tom69plus 57M
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4/24/2005 1:39 pm

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2/27/2010 5:21 am

Erogenous Zones 1, The Neck

Maybe lean and long as with touch you move to one side your head

You close your eyes anticipating the heat of our passion

I gently move my fingers along the exposed flesh smooth loveliness

You sigh and move closer

I kiss allowing my lips to dart daintily like a butterfly

You sigh

I press a little harder with my fingers and lips

You groan and tremble

My secret hardness grows and throbs in anticipation of your satisfaction

My consciousness wonders at the pleasure you receive from this attention

My love

What is it that makes you respond like this to my neck love?

What else can I do to please your neck?

pussnboots694 74M/79F

4/24/2005 4:24 pm

At the back of the neck there is the most sensitive spot, at the base of the hair line, I was amazed the first time that I was stimulated this way, I lifted off of the bed pushing my neck at his mouth, and was amazed because no one else has ever done this to me before, and only one since then, not sure what it is but it sure feels gooood

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