The Yearning  

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8/12/2005 12:19 am

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The Yearning

I am not very good at being alone
I hate an empty bed, I guess It comes with being comfortable with someone. I wrote the poem below one chilly night when I couldn't sleep. The reason I couldn't sleep, well I will let you judge that fore yourself..........

It's two AM in the morning
Feels so long since you've been gone
Your scent still fills our bed
How I wish you'd come home

I want to wrap my arms around you
And snuggle into your back
Trace your spine with a travelling kiss
And softly caress your neck

One hand holds your breast
As the other draws a scene
Across your skin, silky smooth
Almost like a dream

The night breeze enters the room
And flicks over our bodies bare
Your body tenses beneath my touch
As I run my hand through your hair

Your body rises to greet me
As my hand floats across your sex
You arch as I enter your beauty
A night we will never forget

We explore the limits of our love
And expose our souls together
We melt in the moment of passion
And vow that this is forever

It's four AM in the morning
I hope you like my song
Your memory still fills our bed
How I wish you'd come home

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