Moon Over Miami  

TiffanyBarbie 29F
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9/8/2006 3:48 am

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9/11/2006 11:00 pm

Moon Over Miami

Good morning! (Or whenever you may read this)

Miami has been a blast!! The weather has co-operated very well so far with the outside shoots, though I am concerned about that little tropical disturbance in the Bahamas. Whatever is out there, usually heads here! The food has been wonderful (oh how I love Cuban food!), the people have been very hospitable and the moon, wow! DId you happen to see the moon last night. It was full and so beautiful!! Today is a full day, a very full day and to my knowledge the final day. I've been invited to take part in "Wine on the River" in Chattanooga, TN, SEP 10th on the Shelby Bridge. I may see if I can get there; i have the perfect little black dress for that! It's a wine tasting event from 3 - 7pm with an after party at Mafiosso's. Just a thought!

Other musings:
I have a comical side that I don't mind showing to people, especially men. I like sharing a good sense of humor and I like that in a partner and lover. It's not the silly, immature kind of funny that you'd expect from a 18 year old girl, but a funny comedy that makes men really smile and laugh. I can be funny sarcastic (you may already know the biting sarcasm I dish out when people just don't stop and think, and I can take it when I get it from people when I don't think sometimes). I think humor is a great thing to have and so is not taking yourself too seriously. I've mentioned that I have a cousin who is a Naval officer (ladies, he's HOT! Please DO him!). With all the pressures that he has on him (a CO of an attack sub in the middle of the Atlantic for months on end, etc), he has a wonderful sense of humor and his humous sarcasm is unmatched. I like guys who can have fun and don't take things too seriously, but who can be serious about the right things when it's time to be.

Which brings me to another thing - talent. I'd like to think we all have many talents to do a number of things. What are your talents and abilities? Tell me about them! I think each of us is special in our own right. I've been told that I have a talent for modeling and making love to the camera. I was talking to F451 when he asked me about my singing. Yes, I can sing. I know a guy in LA who would like to record me doing the old, slow, romantic standards of the 40s. He said my voice tone reminds him of Norah Jones. Ha! We'll see. I can also dance - not just the 'Hustle' but the 'Charleston', etc. And I can tap dance. Everyone was so shocked to see the videos of Jon Benet Ramsey all dressed up on stage all decked out, but my friends and I growing up - that was the norm -looking like an adult at the age of 7 and singing and dancing. Mom and dad have been great about me pursuing the entertainment, career and professional avenues that I want travel. I have thought seriously about the porn avenue, much to my dad's frowns of concern. I admit that I've done some really great photoshoots that I'm very proud of - very high quality and thankful that I have the bod and looks to pull it off well (love just doing the softcore stuff too). The other side of me (that inner voice) sometimes says "don't get too deeply involved - just skim the surface, have fun and make some great new friends." And the money hasn't been bad - I've been paid well for my looks and my time, although I do very well with the conventions, appearances, the runway modeling and the photoshoots; so I'm not that concerned about making a killing in the porn market - just yet. To be fair, I must confess that I have had a certain fascination with many fascetts of the business of sex. I've done the phone sex operator thing (even for fun!), I've worked at Cheetah's Gentleman's Club in the gift shop on Spring Street in Atlanta (what a blast!!!!). There, I'm known by my middle name: Amber. Yeah, don't tell me, I have dancer names: Tiffany, Amber and Barbie. Maybe it's my destiny to be a dancer and porn star/model? LOL. Anyway, I did two videos this year (yes, I was still 17 at the time), although they were simulated sex (no penetration, but my old guy 'co-star' really 'pushed' for it to be in the movie). Others thought differently since jailbait was mentioned several times during production. I think the videos are set for a Nov/Dec release. I haven't been updated as to what the titles are, but one working was "Making it with Daddy", an obvious take off on the old Danny Thomas sitcom, "Make Way for Daddy." I'll contact the producer and let you know. Buy them if you like, but I get none of the proceeds since they already gave me a fat check, lol. I think if the sales are great, I'll consider doing a third and final one for now, if they ask me. I did like the plot in these movies - it wasn't the usual porn stuff with bad angles, bad audio and cheesy music. It was quality fitting Hollywood standards since the people involved worked at Touchstone Pictures. My dad works for a competing studio and would have a cow if he knew, LOL.

Tonight, we were going to try conferencing with all of you, but it has yet to be set up, and I have a heavy shoot schedule today - all day in fact. I would like to post-pone this since someone I know didn't set everything up like they promised (cutting my eyes at my friend Todd and scrunching my nose at him). Todd is a friend and is kind of like an assistant when I travel on agency shoots, arranging shoot clothing, doing special makeup, making calls for me for massages, the works, and works hard for us girls to make things right. Todd (we call him Palm - long story - is adorable and is gay as the day is long, but we'd die without him!). He's also taken an interest in my lovelife and it was his idea to do the webcast-like deal on Y! with audio and video. We'll do that very very soon; and we may see about doing that this Saturday night - I'll let you know for sure. It'll be like a chat room with me and all of you who want to be a part of it - just to talk and get to know another. Think of it as all of us meeting in a quiet bar for drinks, or at my place with our clothes on - for now. Although, I've suggested that we do a real Meet and Greet thing at a friend's farm one weekend: kegs, BBQ, barn dance, home made desserts and lots of luscious babes. A real Hoe Down! Or is it a Ho Down!? How is that? Let me know and I'll get planning on it. I love doing parties!! Anyway, the web thing will go on but for another time. So if a slut falls in a barn, is that why the farmers yell Ho Down!!?? Never thought of a fiddle as fuck music, but okay, I'm cool with it!

So what's next for this legit-and-adult-model-phonesex-nympho-gentleman's club-babe-old man loving-tap dancing-songster-coed? Alot! Remember I just turned 18 not long ago, and even though I've been 'active', I can now spread my wings, fly and soar, look around me and see what I like and don't like, try and not try. Many are surprised that I've never tried drugs and I'm not too keen on seeing anyone who makes it a priority in their life. Sure, I'm in favor of doing your own thing and doing what makes you happy, and I would never be critical of anyone who likes to do drugs. But don't push them on me. With me, no doesn't mean maybe. But I do like to drink, but not to excess. Nothing is as less sophisticated and common as seeing a pretty lady blitzed. It's not attractive at all. I like the thought of alcohol as a sexy means to an erotic end - my condo, champaign chilled, lights down low, candles, soft romantic piano and Spanish guitar music in the background, you in a thick terry-clothed robe and me in a clingy teddy with my fav short silk robe and pumps, my hair down around my shoulders and in my face, straddling your lap and making love honey oozing out of a jar. That's my favorite mood with and for alcohol. Then there is the short, tight, black halter top dress, me getting nailed in a loud club or concert, holding a Wooter Hooter, with sexual gratification fast and furious, your cum running down my leg to my ankles!! Or tight little tee with short, short cut offs, straw cowboy hat over my eyes, holding a Bud, banging a farmer in the flatbed of his pickup. Yee-haa! There are many angles to me because I have many likes and turn-ons. I'm happy in jeans and a top or an evening gown. We all just to have to find the one that fits and wear it often while finding new ways to express them and explore others. I've been asked a number of times about about the whole 'guy's terry-clothed robe' thing and I'll let you in on a little secret I have. I have ALOT of those big, thick expensive L and XL terry robes. Well, Bloomies was having a sale, so I bought all they had. If I have a date with a guy that I KNOW I like and want to be with at the end of the date, and I know we will be coming back to my place, then I will have his initials embroidered on the left breast pocket maybe the day before we go out with a little something in the pocket. Each and every thing in the pocket is different each and every time - no two are alike since it has alot to do with that particular guy's personality or maybe what he likes to do as a hobby, or maybe what he does for a living. Or it could be a photo of me in a small leather case that fits in your hand. It's kind of a thing with me; something sweet, something elegant, something sophisticated that he can have from me as a thoughtful gift. Now you know!

Thank you for coming by! Say what you like but just say something, lol! Enjoy the day and the weekend. I'll drop by on Saturday and muse a while and have a new poll for the weekend folks who pop by. That's it! Kisses, Love and Hugs!

Miss ya!


forgotforgetting 51M
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9/8/2006 10:03 am

As always - you never fail to impress. Just one word of caution - once you start in the "adult-film" business it is very difficult to transition into the mainstream markets. In today's "wholesome" approach to movies, performers who have a less then ideal past can have a difficult time making in-roads or avoid being type-casted. Just be cautious - what you do today can impact your opinion ten years from now.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

breastman20 65M  
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9/8/2006 11:20 am

I hope you dont get the urge to do mainstrean out friend forgot points can be a career killer and somehting that inwardly you may have liked but, out in the real world it would be frowned upon..
As for me and my talents well I have many I am pround of but, it would sound like bragging and thats not me..I am proud of the pilots licence I have earned..
Just continue to have fun like you always have and stay sweet

TiffanyBarbie 29F

9/8/2006 12:12 pm

Oh I agree Breastman and Forgetful and I so appreciate your advice - very much in fact. Thanks for looking out for me with your wisdom on the matter, Very few have made ir from porn to the mainstream. The only one I can think og who did it is Traci Lord and she's still gorgeous anyway. I promise, I'm skimming and will keep a healthy distance. Your words go to the wise for me.

And Sweeters, we'll chat soon. BTW, i noticed that one of the daddy/nasty daughter rooms is missing. Any clue why?

luvs2licklips 64M

9/8/2006 2:23 pm

I agree about the porn stuff (unless you want to make a movie with . I noticed that too about one of the daddy rooms...also I got "banned" in another for some reason which I have no clue too . As far as I know I did nothing wrong...I guess the US Constitution doesn't apply here...maybe this site originates in China....

On another note, love your blog and will cum back again...that is unless I get 'banned'

Oh by the way, my initals are G.A.H.

And what about that friend? Sure hope it's not Todd!!! (homey don't play that)

I did a revision on my limmerick to you....hope you like it

TiffanyBarbie 29F

9/8/2006 2:49 pm

Thank you Lips baby. Good advice!!! Sure, we can do a porn movie! Is that a veiled invitation to sleep with you? I'm very flattered, Lips. Too cute!! I wanna see what you have under the hood first, you know, kick the tires and stuff.......I've noticed that one of the rooms (......daddies/nasty daughters) is non-existant, because I don't belong to that room anymore. I guess I got banned too! Screw it; they aren't qualified to brush my hair......This site does seem to exercise an incredible amount of control for a site that considers itself liberal by promoting the free love and sex mentality/theme......Also I noticed that the AdultFriendFinder messenger is kinda dead in the water, too. Guess someone isn't paying their lightbill or getting enough dough from the paid memberships.....Todd's cool. He just likes models because he's gay and you know what straight women think of gay men: like our own sister! I look forward to the revision of the limerick, although I loved the last one baby. Very sweet and thank you!

4Farenheit451 66M  
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9/8/2006 5:00 pm

Hi, Tiff.

You know I was traveling today, yet forgive me for not getting to your blog right away. So nice of you to mention me today in your blog. By the were wonderful last night!!!!!

I would agree that with all your other successes you have no need to cross the line you have been walking (thanks Johnny Cash!). It won't enhance a serious career and it well might hurt it and prevent you from doing other things. Traci Lords has had some success, thanks to John Waters and others, but no where near what she hoped for. You've got more talent in your little finger than Traci does in her whole body. lol

Cutting a CD doing the old standards would be right in vogue now and something I would definitely buy. Your voice is like the song of the sirens.

Too bad about the webcast, Tiff. We're all disappointed but you more than most because you wanted so much to do something nice for your men. It will happen when the time is right. Don't worry about it.

Just love the thought you put into your special encounters. You really are a romantic. Will treasure that monagrammed robe. Wow! Your attention to detail and the way you create the mood. Did I mention your talents? lol Holy, Scioli, Batman!

Thanks again, Tiff. Kisses and a big bear hug!


luvs2licklips 64M

9/8/2006 10:18 pm

Ok.. here's the revision as posted on Adult Little Girls (sans smilies):

Limmerick du TiffanyBarbie

There once was a young woman named Tiffany

Who one steamy night had an epiphany

I like mine, aged like wine:

Old fat cocks full of cum

To stick in me.

If you noticed, the Moderator on the one group was only 35...not what I would call "Daddy" material, and perhaps a bit possesive of his girls...but to each their own... actually Alt, which is smaller (membership wise), and kinkier, has very similar sites (Daddy/daughter, Older/younger) is a bit more "serious" minded and tends to be a bit edgier..and wilder (kinda like me!) one of mt recent 'posts' I discussed the fact that these webies are all about the CHASE and not about the CATCH....that is to say, you are strung along and baited for the benefit of the webies...(we're not talking chump change here)...

Yes, I did see the moon last night, and to think you were looking at it with me makes you seem a lot closer...

I concur with 451's comments, and will add this: It's ok and natural to experiment but, "Don't do anything that you would be ashamed of in later may come back to haunt you"....(off my soapbox now)

If you want to 'look under my hood' please do! Check out my profile for starters... if you get any spare time that is.... busy baby gurl

Luv Ya Babe!

luvs2licklips 64M

9/8/2006 10:54 pm

well it looks like Nasty Daddys... is back up and running now...don't know what happened...haven't check the other yet (my original bannishment) maybe that was a mistake also....

TiffanyBarbie 29F

9/9/2006 2:41 am

Hey Lips! I LOVE the limerick. WOW, for me? Too cute babe and what talent and imagination! Wonder what the posters will say about that? I consider 35 daddy material as much as consider 35 daughter material, but just my humble opinion. We all have our fantasies here and reserve the right to express them, even avoid the ones that don't turn us on. That's why I laugh when I get IMed by a 25 year old saying he want to be my daddy. Sheesh! I want an older guy and I mean OLDER. Someone rough, aged (like wine), experienced, thoughtful, loving, creative, open-minded. Some big, hot, sweet, horny, older guy who has his dick in his hand and ready to give it to me. A guy who drools at Hooters girls and would like one of his own to pound away into the night and again in the morning. But I digress .......Webies. Never heard that term before. I've heard of players and posers. Some guys get sore at me because I'm not thrilled by them (35, 5'5" and 150lbs - that is a no daddy!). I'll look into the Alt site and join in. Thanks! Also thank you for your perspective on porn. I will take heed of all of your advice and take it to heart. But still, daddy pounding his babygirl on camera, ummmmmmm. *whew*. Okay..need to be focused here..... I noticed the anomaly about the disappearing and reappearing chat room and even the whacked out messenger system. Strange goings-on during a full-moon to be sure.

luvs2licklips 64M

9/9/2006 10:22 am

Hi Tiff. As you can see you are an 'inspiration' babygirl. Webies is a term I made up to include the myriad of 'free hookup' sites that screw and tattoo you, by design, as a matter their normal operations.

By the way, I just had a very naughty thought. Myself and two of my mid50s bros are going on a 30 mile kayaking trip in the barrier islands off Belize in March (18th to 24th). Kayaking from lodge to lodge, snorkeling, birdwatching, etc. Now wouldn't it be nice if we had a stunningly beautiful companion that we could..... er gangbang repeatedly while on the trip?? Nice hot, friendly, laidback tropical island hump down...all that moaning, sweaty body slapping noise mixed with the tropical breeze and smell of orchids..Care to be a snorkel slut of a few Of course if you would like to bring along a like minded girlfriend that would be nice, but I'm more than confided you would do just fine on your own.

I'm not kidding: check out the outfitters website: see the "Paradise Islands" adventure trip.

Ummmm... lights! camera! action!!!


9/9/2006 2:34 pm

hey tif
I LOVE full moons
and last night it was "AWESOME"
full moons seem to make me GUSH! a bit
I love running on the beach @night when a full moon is out
or just laying on a blanket under the stars!
whatching the stars and moon!


tiny_hammer 61M
169 posts
9/10/2006 1:02 pm

I like the idea of a Tiffany m&g party. if i know enough in advance, i should be able to get away and attend. oh and princess, you know daddy quit wearing XL in junior high school. daddy can "squeeze" into a 3XLT but prefers 4XLT to have room to move his shoulders so he can lift his babygirl to new "heights". if you have a chance Tiff, listen to Josh Turner's song angels fall(if you haven't heard it already). i think it was written for you honey.


alphaman51 57M

9/11/2006 9:31 pm


You are wise beyond your years. I can see why you like older men.

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