TickleMeBBW 37F
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5/11/2006 12:46 am

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7/3/2006 9:24 am


It's so hard to decide what to cook for dinner, will someone please come and cook for me....please?

digdug41 50M

5/11/2006 8:10 am

I'd luv too but your to dam far

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pandoo5 61M
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5/11/2006 7:06 pm

I am in USA from canada by the time I reach there you will be ready to kill me so just grab something from out side and my apology for not being there.

rm_zahuma2 51M
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5/12/2006 6:03 am

Beware of the bird flue !!!
Ask your men to boil their cocks
at 90 degrees C for at least half an hour.
Then you can cook what is left behind

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