Hot Sex Update  

Tiberius_n 45M
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5/13/2006 6:47 am
Hot Sex Update

I have a pretty good imagination. And well i have to admit i was pretty impressed with myself today.

I had a quick fuck session planned with a friend between day and night work. I had been thinking about all the deeply kinky things we could do in the hours i had free.
Things so kinky that the noises would make my housemate run screaming into the night from his sheer sexual frustration.
In the end i made a sex sling for her to sit on. I opened my cupboard doors, placed a large piece of bamboo over the top of the door ( securing it in place with some rope looped over the clothes rod inside the cupboard ).
Then suspended her with three boxs of clingwrap wound around her waist and legs.
And within minutes we had super deluxe pervy sex sling action.
The cling wrap stuck to her body and it was able to support her whole weight.
To add to the effect i blindfolded her.
A few hours later we were sweaty, breathless, messes on the floor.
Was fab. And has given me some cool ideas for the future.

rm_GemmyGem84 33F
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8/3/2006 9:38 am

well Tiberius that sounds really interesting!! but howmany people do u know that has 3 boxes of cling wrap at 1 time? unless u went and bought it specially!!!
well sounded like a good break between work! so congrats to ur invention!
hope to hear about some more soonish!!
luv gem

rm_learnitall 37M
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8/25/2007 2:47 pm

where do ya live i live in beechboro perth looking to meet some giles

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