Birth Deffects !!!  

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9/4/2006 10:57 am

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Birth Deffects !!!

Its offical!

Virginity & Beauty are Birth Deffects!

You have suffered in silence while the social clock has sped along sweeping you into a close corner flanked by mirrors.
You have less and less advantage in your abnormal standing.One defect may enhance the other until there is nothing but aggrivating beauty and the preasure of lust & love.

Sure strangers are much more patiant with you, but the people you rely on have another standard for you entirely. They will be blind to thier jelouse bias until crows feet start dancing across your face, or until you hit rock bottom.

The Virgins are begging and vassilationg on the edge....
The Beauty is isolated on a mental/emotional stage....

Pile on and get ugly !!!

All of the Beautiful &/or Virgins are invited to get the help and understanding they have needed since their biology and type-casting first began to reduce them to freaks.

Help yourself to a dose of ugly piles of sweat! Start a group for those in a similar condition.

Cherries Picked & Beauty Defiled
By Appointment!

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