Weird day today  

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7/7/2005 8:04 pm

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Weird day today

I got my divorce complaint back from the county about speedy service! As much mental preparation as I did, it still was kind of a shock to see it officially stamped. Somehow it made it even more real. I needed to go out and have a few drinks after opening that package.

Even more upsetting was the state of world affairs. It pained me to hear about the attacks in London. If you don't know what I'm talking about, smack yourself, and then browse over to any news site to read up on the details. It seems particularly insane to me that it happened during the annual G8 summit, but I guess that was the idea. I don't know what kind of message they intend on sending when the primary focus of the summit was to eliminate poverty, starvation, and aids in Africa.

Islamic extremists don't make sense to me. On one hand, I understand their plight, and on the other, I don't. There are healthier, more civilized ways to go about it. Sad to say, it's all part of the balance of good and evil in life. It falls somewhere in the gray like just about everything else. It's still sad to see so much pain and suffering though. My sympathies go out to anybody from London or anyone who knows someone from that beautiful city that might have been hurt.

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