My exciting weekend  

ThisHandleRox 40M
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7/17/2005 10:03 am

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My exciting weekend

After I got the tickets I went to work on cleaning my house. It's in shambles right now. I think my wife secretly/subconsciously worked against me. I have a fulltime job, and she stayed home trying to get her businesses going. Cleaning always fell by the wayside. She swears she'll help when she gets everything in her life in order, but I don't feel like waiting anymore. I feel like I already waited 3 years. I discovered last week that her cats peed all over my couches. That was good times. I scoured the internet for some tips on cleaning it knowing that cat urine is the absolute worst. I was prepared to throw out the couches but figured it was worth a shot.

I stumbled upon a site that sold a kit to clean the nastiest stuff. I'd link to it, but I think AdultFriendFinder filters that stuff. Just do a search for "1 2 3 odor free" on Google. They're really helpful and explain everything if your pet decides to be a pain in the butt and destroy some stuff. I tried it yesterday, and it seemed to really work. I did a second treatment just because I want to make sure it's completely gone. Check it out if you have pets and find that regular cleaning products don't work.

I lost my cat, Cornelius or Corny for short, a little over a year ago to Feline Infectious Peritonitis. It's kind of rare, can set on pretty suddenly, and the animal usually dies very quickly. He died between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, so the Saturday got nicknamed Corny Saturday. We had kept him in the guest room because he didn't get along with my wife's cats. The room was kind of off limits since then. It was just kind of an unspoken rule. It wasn't until last weekend that I finally went in there to clean everything and reclaim my guest room. I still miss that little b*st*rd. You can see him in all his cuteness in the pic.

I try to give loneliness a couple kicks to the gut, but I think it's taking me for a ride instead

I followed that up by watching some Dr. Baden HBO special. That was pretty fricking sad. A mother had lost 3 children unexpectedly and wanted to know why. After he did the autopsy, he concluded that she had to have rolled over in her sleep and suffocated two of her babies. The other had died from SIDS. Absolutely heartbreaking stuff.

And finally, the topper for the night was Million Dollar Baby. Beautiful movie...really frickin' sad. Drama got thick towards the end and knocked my a** out I never saw it in the theaters, and the ending was long spoiled for me from comedian jokes. It still didn't prepare me. How do you see that and not cry? For those that didn't cry, are you a robot? j/k

Time for more cleaning. YAY!

Barbiedoll2003 64F

7/17/2005 11:03 am

About a month ago I got a phone call from my son back on the main land... my precious girl Keeshounded , Chelsea..that morning had layed down on the green grass for her final walk in the yard...But a peaceful passing it was in the yard she enjoyed for 15 years. I know your feelings about our best friends and their passing. It does hurt like a MF'er..doesnt it.....thanks for sharing ...I feel it too....

ThisHandleRox 40M

7/17/2005 2:30 pm

It sure does. I think it's compounded with everything else I'm dealing with right now, because I thought I had worked through a lot of the emotions. I think when you feel a loss, it just kind of digs up memories of previous ones. Strange how the mind works...what doesn't kill us makes us stronger though. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and respond! I'm sorry to hear about Chelsea. You have my sympathies.

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