FreeLove999,GB_Cple and Gaeb ONLY!  

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12/14/2005 7:49 am

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FreeLove999,GB_Cple and Gaeb ONLY!

In this post I would like to OPENLY make a formal apology to my fellow Bloggers, FreeLove999FreeLove999 and GB_CpleGangBangCple and GaebGaeb. If comments should be left, then please, only from these 3. You can tell me what you want, what you think of me. I already get a feeling of what that is. I am sorry it came to this.

In my old blog and profile I said some things that were uncalled for and out of place. Being the short tempered person I am, I tend to leap before looking and totally misread what was left behind for me and interpretted it as something offensive to me and to the people that read my Blog. I was upset that someone would come and voice such a harsh opinion and then when someone else answered "normally" and got bashed by this person, it became even more offensive, because such things should be handled by the Blog Author and not the people leaving comments.

I proceeded to go over to the other Blogs and leave offensive things as well, acting like a damn 10 year old, and I am ashamed that I let myself stoop to that level. i always enjoyed reading FreeLoves beautiful stuff, and her ventures with Gaeb, and GB_Cple were always there for me when I was ranting on Britney Spears, leaving positive remarks that kept me going.

Now, I have managed to misuse the trust these fine individuals instilled in me caused by my over-reaction and failure to deal with anger in a positive manner.

I myself often disagree with much of what goes on in the world, but somehow I just felt this overwhelming need to open my shithole and let it all out. I felt hurt and attacked personally, although I know this wasn't the intention, especially when I was told what I should be writing on my blog and what not. But GB was right in saying that politics should be left out. The only thing I accomplished by doing so was something I so despise, war. Well, we are all too old for this and since it got started more or less from me, I took the consequences and left. I felt it was time to change things. I had to do something, it was going too far.

I don't expect any of you to forget. But that was just not me. Stress at work, at home, the deal with my daughter, my mother being sick, my ex, my girlfriend and her kids, bills out the ass, and so on just kept building and I vented themm in the totally wrong fashion and order. All I want here is to enjoy the funny stories, beautiful poems, and witty comments left by all of you. We are all part of one group, and I know I am standing outside that group now. I can deal with that. But I ask you GB_Cple, please, do not go away! You always were a treasure. Let me back in, and I will show you that I am not the asshole you all think I am.

I have had a few of my friends stick by me through this that stayed neutral and I thank them. They have taught me a little anger management and also that things said are only opinions, and everyone is entitled to one. I agree, and have been lead out of the darkness by them. From that, I have my new name-The_Wraith_1969 : probably originally, a guardian angel, from Icel. a warden, guardian, akin to E. ward. 1. An apparition of a person in his exact likeness, seen before death, or a little after; hence, an apparition; a specter; a vision.

I leave it up to the three of you to pass judgement. I open myself up to you.

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