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6/1/2006 10:46 pm

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In my previous posts I have "talked" about my friend and mines sexcapades. Well, here is another one to add to the fires for lustful sleep. I was about to move to come to Tennessee from Texas and I was all ready miserable and depressed. I got on the IM messenger and saw my friend was on there. I IMMED him and asked how he and his new gf was and he said he wanted to see me. Well, he is a very loyal man and well it surprised me he wanted to see me, but hell, my panties were already soaked with anticipation of what may cum later. I met him at Wendy's since he did not know how to get to my dad's apartment. He followed me back and well since it is gated I did not have a key we had to wait. I jumped into his car as we waited he jumped on me thrusting his tongue deep into my mouth. I responded with my hungry tongue ravishing his mouth. I laid back in the seat and he fingered me and then stuck his fingers into my mouth. I sucked his fingers dry. By this time his seat was drenched with my pussy juices and I had to have him. I pushed his seat back whipped out his cock and sucked him till he almost came (i just love the way his pre-cum tastes!!!). I pulled my thongs to the side and straddled his cock. I was grinding and pumping away when the security guy came up the car. I quickly jumped off and pulled my skirt down. The guy asked if we lived there and I told him I did and forgot my key. He let us in and off we went. I pulled up under the carport and he parked elsewhere. He walked to my car and grabbed me by the hair and kissed me passionately. Then he bent me over my car hood and ripped my thongs off and rammed his rock hard cock deep inside of me. I have never seen him like this before. He was so animalistic it was amazing. The i propped my leg up on my car for deeper penetration. He was pulling at my hair and biting on me as he lifted my head up. The pain was so intense that I came right then and there but he pulled out and turned me around and picked me up and put me on the hood of my car and started to fuck me harder and faster. The look in his eyes was of sheer animal pleasure. His eyes are brown but that night they were black. Just intense and sensual. He kept biting down on my neck and pulling my hair with every thrust. I laid back on the car and he bent down and devoured my pussy. I came again like I never have before. He came up and I grabbed his face eagerly to taste myself from his soft lips. I could not take it anymore. I got on the strip of lawn in between the cars and got on my hands and knees and told him to fuck me and fill me with his cum. He did not hesitate. He got on his knees and rammed his cock into my waiting wet pussy. I begged him to fuck me harder and deeper and faster. He obliged. When he came he filled my pussy up with his sweet juice and I eagerly tuned around and sucked his cock clean from out juices. Nice and so sweet. He got up and then he helped me up. We went back to his car and just sat outside talking a bit and I asked why he and his gf were not together. He said he caught her fucking around on him. I felt bad but I was glad also. I got by stud back even for a couple of hours. It was getting a chill outside so we got in his car and talked more. But the longer I sat there looking into his still hungry eyes my pussy started to throb again for his touch and his cock. I leaned over and kissed him sliding my hand down to his cock rubbing it thru his pants. I then took it out and started to stroke it till it was almost hard then I pulled away from his lips and wrapped my nice hot wet mouth around his cock. I sucked lightly on the head then took it all in then sucked on his balls then worked my way up tonguing the shaft coming to the head once again and started to suck it like there was no tomorrow. I was thirsty for his cum and I needed it. He started to cum and I pulled away and let him cum on my face and tongue. He always wanted to give me a facial so here was his chance. He came so much it was dripping off of my chin and tongue. I licked my lips and took my shirt off to wipe my face off. We talked a little longer but it being 4 a.m he had to leave and we had to part. I must say if I could I would recommend him to all the women but I want him for myself. i am stingy what can I say........

MostNaughtyOne 40M

9/20/2006 10:33 am

You and your friend sound as if you've had some amazing sexual experiences. Here's hoping that you can find someone to please you like that in the near future for many, many days and nights to come.

However, your posts are hardly conducive to sleep - they're filled with enough lusciously lusty imagery to keep a mean up nights.

rm_hook351 46M

10/12/2006 7:28 pm

Your friend is one lucky man. Your story makes me so crazy with desire, I doubt that I could close my eyes without seeing your beautiful face staring at me.

tnrealtor9947086 54M

7/21/2007 6:22 am

You should get paid to pubnlish these stories!1 INcredibley HOT

rm_J61709 39M
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9/1/2007 12:15 pm

I agree you should publish some adult novels.

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