Living In A Fantasy World  

The_Other_Dave 53M
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6/28/2006 2:57 pm
Living In A Fantasy World

I've spent many long hours wandering around in cyberspace and it has never ceased to amaze me the fronts that people put up. It's no wonder a lot of people see the net as a 'spooky' fantasy world where only the evil are brave enough to tread.

Why the hell can't people be straight, be themselves. I guess the majority of people are, but, there are still many who are deceptive acting out their own fantasies, living in a make believe world, while they destroy the lives of others that they meet.

Those people show a complete lack of self confidence, self esteem and no care or concern for those they come across. Maybe they should start to believe in themselves rather than develop a fantasy world that they drag other innocent people into.

Hmmmmm, maybe I'm the insane one for thinking that people develop their fantasy world because they lack confidence in themselves, maybe that's not the reason at all.

These people deceive, hurt and literally destroy the lives of those unfortunate people that they happen to come across.

Maybe those people are just plain and simply the scum of the earth, they have nowhere else to hide, so they pray on the unfortunate few that they meet in cyberspace.

If you are one of those scum... remember... the wheel always turns.


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