Topic? Topic? We don't need no stinking Topic.  

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4/4/2005 11:13 pm

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Topic? Topic? We don't need no stinking Topic.

Well the day started out sort of amusing. Woke up wondering why the hell the alarms were both going off. Then it just sort of dawned on me that oh yeah I have that school thing today. Yeah I decided to drink some wine in order to help me get to bed at a reasonable hour. So as I was going for the 3rd glass my woman started making noise at me about this. I don't know what she was saying exactly. She sounded sort of like the teacher from the peanuts. I think it had something to do with her not wanting me to have a third glass. I came to this conclusion by observing the fact that there where squaking noises, her mouth was moving a bit like that of a fish out of water and the very disaproving look on her face. That and she was pointing at the empty wine glass that happened to be in my hand. You could say within the last 5 years I've learned to read my wife and no longer really listen to what she's saying most of the time. It cuts out a lot of hassle.

So woke up grogy and in took in a few seconds to get up to speed on why the alarms are going off and being annoying. So off to school. Eh, school was school. Not much excitement there really. Not really been motivated to do anything really with photography. Odessa is depressing at best most of the time. I'm beginning to think that one of the favorite pass times is to go out drink beer and watch paint dry. Not much excitement. Not much at all. So I don't really feel very stimulated at the moment. Hard to find things to get excited about. Especially when it feels like your desire to live being sucked out of you. In other words I need some excitement. I need an adventure of some sort. I think I've hit on an interesting idea. Seems like a fun idea at any rate.

I'm thinking of when school is done for the semester I'm going to take a trip back up to Illinois. The basic idea really is to do this sort of travel journal photo essay type of thing. The plan thus far is to spend a week up in Chicago. Where I'm going to be staying in this really bad hotel. That is if it's still open. Something tells me it probably is. It's called The Rosevelt. It's an interesting place. For just $20 a night you have your very own room. Complete with broken tv, shared bathroom per floor. And lots of very happy and friendly roaches. Remember the movie "Joe's Appartment"? Well it's an amuseing movie but sadly when that many roaches get together in one place they don't put on a song and dance show. Once again mislead by hollywood trickery.

I like this place. There's really no sane reason why I like it. I just have this thing for really bad places. Bad as in disturbing not as in fearing for my physical safty at all times. I like bad cheap hotels the same way that there are people that like really bad movies. They just appeal to me. They're fun and interesting. So a week in chicago.

Oh I should mention that I will be doing all of this by greyhound. Oh yeah via buss. That has it's own unique perks. I'm a big people watcher. So going on greyhound is it's own sort of people watcher heaven. It takes about 24 hours to go from here to IL. not real bad. It's tolerable and interesting. Besides driving has sort of lost it's thrill for me. Cars just seem to be more of a hassle at times. A really good mass transit system is a really handy thing to have around. Chicago is nice for that. It'd be fun to go checkout New York's. Go just to ride around the subways. That the sort of thing I find fun and interesting.

From chicago I'm thinking of stoping in Champaign for a couple of days. That'll be fun but I'll need to talk to my friend so I can sleep on his couch or something.

Then from there maybe stop and see my sister. Then off to my home town to visit my mom and dad. More to see my dad. The parents decided to do the whole divorce thing once me and my sister left the nest. So my mommy is a bad mommy. She decided to get a boyfriend. That's ok but now I'm rooting for my dad to score himself a nice 30 year old. It would be good to see. My dad's a swell guy and my mom really shouldn't be doing what she is to him. Not that I'm really all that surprised by this. They really don't have anything in common anymore. The hatchlings have left. Now what?

A week in the home town. That'll be a real joy. It's about as fun and exciting as Odessa. But they have trees up there and squirels. There's really not any trees in these here parts. I've seen these skrawny things that grow about 6 feet. Acording to the local populace this passes as a tree. Further more as a result of it being deemed "a tree" we live in the middle of the largest forest in the U.S. NO joke scouts honor. To me though they come accross more like very large and over glorified shrub. I really can't give them the respect to call them a "tree". I know a tree when I see it and well I haven't seen one yet. I also haven't seen any steers.

Then what have I seen?

When we had t.v. I got to watch Queer Eye for the straight guy.

I also saw Dr. Strangelove. That's my fovorite of good old Stanley's efforts.

Which now reminds me about another favorite thing of mine. My favorite texas joke. Can't remeber which movie it was in though. Full Metal Jacket?

Any who. After a week of that back here to Shrub land.

All along the way taking lots and lots of pictures. But with a very limited setup. Shooting only with 50mm lens or the wide angle to get that disposable camera feel. Only problem with that though is the camera won't meter through it. And maybe just maybe take the twin lens to get some medium format shots. Taking pictures at any and every opertunity. What I think I'm shooting towards is to go through 100 rolls of film. Or at least give it a good try. A tripod would be good but a bit too bulky. A mono pod would be good. Pods are good, though don't trust Donald. He's one of them. Then doing lots and lots of writing. About the pictures. And pretty much doing it in the same sort of style that I've been doing this blog. The question is this. Is my amusement amusing enough to be somebody elses amusement? Oh say that one out loud 10 times fast.

Any consturctive critisim out there?

Doing this is mucho grande fun for me. Going to taco bell does pay off at some point. It brings about this odd sort fuzzy feeling. Like taking a really long pee after not being able to get to the bathroom for a rather long time. Like dealing with someone that likes to make use of the run on sentence more often than is really absolutley nessecary.

What I'm kind of aiming to capture with this brilliant idea of my. Besides proving that no you can get things from roaches but sadly STD's aren't one of them. That's what I'm telling myself. Therefore it must be true. What I'm going for is for this sort of third world travel and lodgeing. Show something kind of dirty and disturbing. I'm really just tired of taking pictures of pretty things. And cute young girls are just that. Not all that bright and well somewhat tiresome to deal with at times. The pictures are nice and it's fun doing it but it's something of a hassle at times. If cute girls came with a mute button or a ball gag life would be complete. If they did need to make noise why can't it be white noise? Then it would be soothing and nice to hear.

Topics. Hmm......yeah well I really couldn't think of really just one thing to talk about today. Nothing that had any real good theme and flow to it. And yes blah, it's a good mood. It's been a blah day. time for a smoke break.

ah ok

That's better

much refreashing.

Ok I understand the concept behind the "Blog". I think I've caught on to the general idea. What I don't understand is why do they call it that. Why the name "Blog"? It really doesn't make sense to me really. Why didn't they call it "User commentable online journel"? That's a bit more interesting. Blog sounds like your making some sort of puking sound. Say what do you do as a hobbie? Well I've started doing "puke sound". Oh gee that um.......sounds kind of fun. Really good for you.

We do have new pics. I'll put them up tomarrow sometime when the mood hits me. And actually put something more in our network for all you lucky people out there.

But it's late.

I'm lazy at the moment.

You'll have to wait.

Sucks doesn't it?

You'll live.

Ah yes the cams. Is it just me or did the link to the cams on the home page just disappear? For some reason it no longer shows up on our profile home page.

This is disapointing.

We liked the cams.

Now no cams.

So I was poking around a bit and decided to start up our cam. It was interesting. Because if the cams are really gone how were people able to watch us? It wasn't that good of a show. I was putting the female on display while she was working on recovering a chair. She proud of her table and chairs. So for some reason people can watch us but we can't watch them. This is very uninspireing.

As you know I liked the cams.

Well bob sleepy now.

Good bye, have fun.

This "user commentable online journal/serial novel" will continue on tomarrow.

Yeah it will I'm not doing anything else that's all that exciting.

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