The Mouse  

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4/3/2005 8:24 pm

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The Mouse

Today I'm not in a nostalgic mood. It was as close as I could get to an oficailly sanctioned "mood". This makes me feel a bit less of a person. Not only am I wasting space and oxygen. But now I'm also being that much of a burden on the world by not having a mood that is not on the list. Ever have a moment when you can completely identify with Eeyore's world view in Winnie the Pooh? Well I can and if you ask me he's just a ticking time bomb waiting to go off in the "Hundred Acre Woods". I can for see many exclamations of "oh, my." From Piglet now.

Nostalgic was as close as I good get given my real but unsantioned mood of "tramatized". Nostalgic because this tale takes place back in a time when I lived in blissful ingnorance and happiness. 4 years ago, we'll pretend and go even further with it. That the incedent that I am about to tell you about happened on this very day. That even as I set here now typing this the very hour of this most horrid event draws ever nearer.

Though this be a tale like no other and yet you know that it ends up being a tramatizeing one for me. It'll be a tale like no other tale yet told. It's a tale that shows you to what lengths the subconsious will go in order to protect it's host from very dramatic events. It's amazing really. Your brain will kick in when your eyes see something which you would really really rather have not seen and would have lead a full complete happy life without ever seeing it. It will at times of great urgency and need edit out the offending imagery and insert what ever comes to mind first that fits in well. You see "The Mouse" wasn't really there. It didn't actually exsist. That is however what I saw on that day. The only thing my brain would allow me to see at that particular moment was a mouse. I'm really troubled by which might be worse. To have seen the thing for what it really was? Or seeing what my brain thought made for a good substatue at the time?

Our story starts out like pretty much any other romantic comedy. We start out seeing our guy. He's ok somewhat decent guy has a bit of a unique pesonality to him, a bit of an ass but it's tolerable. He's lonely and missing something in his life. A woman. A woman he knows is for him. The type of woman he looks forward to going home to.

Now cut to our woman. She's pretty much like the guy too. She looking for something exciting and new. Something that'll catch her interest. Sometimes depending on the chic flic they show the girl then the guy in the initial setup. But I don't think chics should get to go first all the time.

Woman and Man. Man and woman. They go be bopping about there lives for a bit. Each geting enough screen time to whine about how their love lives are. day............not very surprisingly.................they meet one another. AH isn't that sweet? This is the place where you experience that first warm fuzzy feeling that goes along with these movies. So they meet and nostalgicly enough they do indeed meet at a diner. A real diner. Though if we had met at a cafe this would be a swell coffee comercial. That french waiter? What was his name?

They meet in a diner. They start getting to know one another. They start to hangout and chat with one another. Sometimes they have these really interesting conversations that last really late at night. This happens for about a year. It's fun. Then one night the chase ended. You see one night after art class our guy gave a freind in the class a ride home. This friend happened to be rather friendly to our guy. He smoked him up. Now there is little known trivia about our guy is that when he smokes um.....stuff. That he gets oh really randy. That would be a good way of putting it. He is very friendly and chatty. So with his mindset being like this he departed from his friends house to go in search of our girl.

Sure enough our guy does indeed find our girl. This is good. The guy is very pleased and happy about this. He was feeling just a tad bad about leaving his friend's house so quickly. This is quickly forgotten once our girl comes into view. Besides he's a guy he should know how it is. Now armed with a very clear objective of what he would like to see acomplished for this evening he aproaches the girl.


Proceeds to ask her flat out if she would be interested in going home with him that evening and specificly asking her for sexual gratification. She seemed a bit taken aback by this but she recovers nicely and just says to the guy. "not tonight". Now our guy he's really focused on the goal so he misses what she really just said there. He proceeds to then get into an hour and a half debate on why she should or should not go home with him. Him arguing the side of why it logically worked out that it'd really be in her best interest to come home with him. The girl starts to get annoyed with him a bit. Fortunately the guy wasn't completely stupid. He finally got what "not tonight" not only said but implied. It'd said no I would not like the company of your penis tonight. But it did leave open the idea that perhaps another night would work out better and that she would like to see his penis then. It was then that it dawned on our fellow that he should have been saying this. "So when would you like to come over?" in which the girl replied sometime next week. This is good now we're getting somewhere. A step in the right direction. It was finally decided that wensday. Yes wensday would be a good day indeed.

It should also be noted that after this saga had played out and the girl was later asked why she got mad at the guy. It was really she later revealed becasue the guy had ended the chase. She really enjoys the chase more. However it was also later revealed that she said yes to him because of the way in which he treated her and aproached her.


Anyway wensday rolls around. Yeah it's wensday. Wensday is a very good day. It's also known as "hump" day and oh how it shall be. Oh it will. The guy is as you've guessed very excited on this particular day. You see today a girl is coming to his place to see him. Not only that but he has a pretty good idea that she actually would like to play with his penis a bit.

Girl shows up.
She comes in.
Shows no signs of second guessing her self for doing this.
This is very good.
Girl sets on couch.
Ah nice aproach position.
They both start to watch a movie.*
Half an hour later they're really not watching.
Most excellent.
They eventually move from the couch to the bed.
Hours later the girl goes home late into the night.
It was nice.
The girl is walking sort of funny.
Most amusing.

Later the couch was quoted as saying it felt "dirty and used". The bed however was very happy after suddenly getting out of a deep depresion brought on by neglect.

That's more or less how it went for how Liz and I meet. Not really the standard chic flic plot line. Though they would be more tolerable to watch if they did show a bit of skin. They're about as bad as soft porn. Really bad acting and plot. So if I'm going to have to suffer through that I'd like to be able to see something.

* Another trivia point about the guy and movies. Most of the women he's been with are asociated to various movies. Kind of like how couples have songs. It's like that with him and movies.

So guy and girl hit it off really well. Mostly because this is when Mr. Pokey (the penis) meets Melvin (the cooter). Needless to say Mr.Pokey and Melvin hit it off really well. They thought the other was the greatest thing since sliced bread. They liked to see and play with one another a great deal.

Those were good times and I'll get back to telling you about them sometime. I just wanted to set things up let you know what sort of relationship we had at the beginning. Ah for the first 2 years nothing but sex lots and lots of sex. So one of the things about having sex 3 times a day is you get really use to seeing someone naked all the time. We pretty much just stayed naked all the time at home. Not much point in clothes really. You get really use to the other person. Then you start doing things like being in the bathroom while the other one is useing it. Things like that and you don't think anything of it.

"The Mouse" was one of those times. I was chatting and following Liz around and really not thinking anything of what she was doing. She as well forgot about certain things. That I have a very keen oversion to. I can deal with most things. Or I try to make an effort to get over them. I've been doing better about my phobia with spiders. However there really are things I don't think I can handle or guys should really be privy to.

That being the dreaded week out of each month. My favorite term for it at the moment is "The Red Tide". Seems a bit more fitting really. I don't know why it's just something I can't deal with too well. Maybe it has something to do with my childhood who knows. All I know is I can't deal too well with women and that whole bleed for a week deal. So yeah watching my child be born if that ever happens might not be such a good thing for me to do.

So that's how it went. There I was just minding my own business having a chat with Liz. She doing her thing and I'm doing my thing and we happen to be in that week. All I can ever remember about that day was talking and looking over at Liz in mid "plug" change. My brain thought it was being nice to me at the moment and spareing me from the trama. And that's exactly what my brain told me when I looked over. Because what I saw was Liz holdning a dead mouse by it's tail.

It's at these particular times that I really start to question what my pea sized brain is up to. A mouse really how much more wrong can some one's head really be? There's probably PETA members out there right now proclaiming I will go to hell for the very thought. And I agree using a mouse as a tampon would be a very bad use for a mouse. It should be in a lab somewhere working with somevery fine scientists working on solving mouse cancer. I sent a mouse to college once when I was young. I was kind of disapointed to not ever get to know how he was doing. I hope he got his degree and didn't party too much.

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