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4/1/2005 12:00 am

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The Jaberwocky

So I was telling the wife shortly after becomeing a paid member that we should be a bit more proactive than we were on the last site. So here I am, a person who's not too keen on missing out on the latest trend, doing a Blog. I'm just all sorts of excited about what this'll do if anything. Now to make it really interesting here's a trivia guestion for ya.

The title says "The Jaberwocky" it's a poem. The question is what book is it in and who wrote it?

The first person to respond with the correct response gets instant poke me points. Yes there is a system and you have to "earn" so many points before you get to "poke" me or my wife which ever take your pick we're pretty open.

One thing I feel I must warn you about. My spelling and gramar are bad. I try not to make it too bad. But I'm not a real firm believer in the whole grammer spelling thing anyway. Any way I feel that most of what I write is fairly readable. So you'll just have to I guess sort of have to deal with it.

Another obvious point to make as well is that I tend to get really chatty. I get in a mood to just write. It's just fun and a nice release at times. Oh and redundant. I'm sure alot of this is just saying the samething just a little differently. But that's what makes it so much fun.

Now for something completly different.

I am Bob aka The Imp and my significant other, ball and chain, partner in crime, is Liz aka koko or as little puppy koko. I guess with that said one could say well like to role play but only just a bit. So I'm the Imp, I'm the one that you'll be hearing from the most. I sort of get into this sort of thing. Liz doesn't like to chat or write much on the computer. That and I'm the first line of defense. Which means you really sort of need to appeal to me and catch my interest. Liz's trusts my judge of character and she likes to meet people more in person. Which birngs us to if we do meet it'll be the both of us or hanging out with me till Liz gets off from work and she meet us there.

Now back to me. I'm 26 5'6" 120 short brown hair. Um I have a penis and last time it work and every thing checkout fine. Though I seemed to have lost my owner's manual so I don't know if I'm following proper maintaince procedures or not. It functions for the most part. Sometimes it's a good penis. Currently I'm a full time college student. I'm an artist doing photography here in Odessa. Though that's at most going to be just one more semester. Then hopefully it's off to San Marcos or somewhere a little more entertaining. I've gotten a bit more than my fill of Odessa. We just don't go well together. In short Artist type + Odessa = not much fun.

Oh yeah and I'm a Scorpio.

Now Liz or as I like to call her, when she has her collar on and her hair up in pigtails, koko. She is 27 5"4" and as I was currently informed 142, which makes her a bit squishy, but it's fun and I like it. Besides she has these really nice wide hips. You know the sort that you can really get a hold of and get some really nice leverage to give it to her nice and hard? Well that's the sort of hips she has. The sort that have writen on them "built for breedin'" Yeap good hips that Liz does have. Oh and a nice squishy bubbly butt. It's a good but too, likes to be spanked a bit when she's a bad pup. Though she likes it more when I use the ridding crop rather than my hand. But the hand could be fun to. It's really fun to have the woman across your lap and work her bottom that way. Which is really good because then you get to feel her squirming around as you spank her.

So she manages a store. Yeap she's the boss and all that good stuff. Salary so you know she's there way more hours than she gets paid for. But she's doing really well with it. Though it does make it kind of hard to really scheadual things well. She doesn't always get the days off that she wants or that she has to go in or stay late. Being the boss of a store is kind like having a kid I guess. In some ways but really not a lot.

What do we like to do well. Um not a whole lot really. Not much into bars, not really big drinkers though we do every so often. Mostly like to just hang out and chat while drinking coffee. And smoking but we're going to be working on quiting. Which'll be fun and a joy. I'm sure at some point it'll get to be like we're both ragging.

Well I think that will make for a good start. Thus now begins my experiment in pop culture trendyness that is the "BLOG". To now boldly go where no BoB* has gone before.

* Not to say there isn't already someone named bob already bloging. More I meant that bob in the singular third person sense. As in I'm "the bob". Kind of along the same lines as "I think therefore I am" that sort of thing.

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4/2/2005 12:14 pm

The Jabberwocky, a poem in Lewis Carroll's Through The Looking Glass. My sister knew the poem by heart and along w/ my mother had a store of that name, full of odds and sods, antiques and such. But I've got to admit tho I knew the author I didn't know where it came from, so I cheated (to my way of thinking) and looked in the dictionary. So... what are instant "poke me" points? I mean I can use my imagination but that really opens a pretty wide field.
I'm writing this after I posted you about the camcorder stuff (and in regard to where you live I'm letting you know that I travel easily), and your description of your wife settles the questions I brought up regarding her tastes or inclinations. She sounds like a voluptuous peach ready for just about anything. Maybe not a 50yr old man, but I ain't so bad looking and my unit's still in working order.
I'm tangled up in smoking myself, and a goddamned filthy habit it is. Trying to quit 'cause I feel how it saps me, and sapping my energy saps my stamina and enthusiasm. Damned infernal weed! Got any strategy or are you going cold-turkey? If we become friends through this contact, and somehow I feel like we might (I mean we're both rather "jabbery" when it comes to this writing and I appreciate that- nothing quite as thin feeling as a 3-word reply to some opus you've written where you've spilled your guts in a torrent), then maybe I'll challenge you to a non-smoking stand-off, winner gets something, least of all bragging rights, while the loser gets shame and derision (all in good humor) that is so annoying he quits out of spite. Sort of win-win all around. But considering your impishness, you may have already planned something along these lines w/ Liz. As far as your both probably feeling like you're "ragging", the last time I quit I shared the torment (which was surprisingly little) with my newly hitched-up-with old high-school sweetheart who was going thru divorce and was dipping deep into the bottle. She gave up the booze (sort of) and I gave up smoking, that was the deal. The only promise I made her keep to me (giving up the bottle had to be a promise to herself) was to give me as much sex when and where and however I wanted it. I lasted 4yrs that time around, tho we only stayed together a little over 2mos. It's too bad she didn't stop, it really fucked w/ her body later, but if you've ever been around an alcoholic you know how you sadly just become inured and not care after awhile. Lies and excuses and subterfuges while the smell of vodka permeates their breath. Very discouraging. There's just no winning someone else's battle for them. So "the bob", I'm considering callin' you out in the street. Got my six-gun cocked and loaded and I'm calling your bluff- you ready to give it up or what?

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