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,Pilage, and Plunder

Yet another day skipped. This isn't quite what I had planned to do when I started this. Then again I really didn't intend on doing 2 posts on some days either. I guess then it balances out. I have 2 more days I can skip for everything to balance out to one post a day. Not exactly the methode in which I set out to achieve my goal but I'm achieveing it none the less. I don't really think that's a big deal. I think in this case the end justifys the means. It's not going to impact things too much. Perhaps this whould have taken a different direction and you would have been supjected to yet another part of my odd little mind. So it doesn't matter much because I really didn't start out with any set direction to take with this other than to just write. Friday will make 2 weeks at this. So here I set writing once again. It feels like I'm writing my own little version of hitles's book. My own little struggle. The same struggle that everyone has, Life.

Life is interesting, it has a lot too teach us as well as to show us. One of these fun things it has to show us is that every thing is connected. One thing leads to another which in turn leads yet again to another thing and so on till you die. I would say infinity but I don't feel confident to say such. In theory it should be infinity. I just have my doubts that mankind as a species really is something that will ultimately survive. Besides if mankind were to somehow survive there still that whole sun imploding thing that will need to be addressed at some point. So no all I can say for you in no not till infinity. Just to when you die. I don't know what happens when you die. I have my theories. I just know some of the things that happen to you when you live. I find that just living life is a bit more bothersome and trouble at times to leave much worry to the dieing bit. That and I'm still fairly young. I'm not exactly forseeing death knocking on my door anytime soon. Still that doesn't mean that the next time I drive that some idiot runs a red light and smushes my ass like a wee little bug. I have no more of a chance that I'll live tomarrow as any one else. I have a higher probability sure it's still not a sure thing. Everybody knows that the house wins.

Everythings connected and leads into the next. Complex objects are nothing more than a lot of simple things put together in a certain way. I started seeing this when I was in highschool taking chemistry and physics. You start to hear about this thing called the atom. For the sake of a more simplified argument the atom is the smallest thing. Everything is build up from the atom. Strings have been making it in ther somewhere but everything is made up of atoms. This is interesting becacuse if everything is made of atoms doesn't that mean everything shares something in common? That everything is connected in some way?

In a round about way that line of thinking eventually turns out someone like me who takes it a bit further. Doesn't that also mean that just because the form may change but that the principals are still there? In other words that mail is still mail weather it's a hand writen letter that came in the post or a e-mail sent from a friend. That a realationship is still just a relationship wheather it's a sexuall one or not. That it will have the same problems wheather it is with you mom, your lover, your boss, or daughter. They're still relationships and they work pretty much the same way at different levels.

The form may change but the pricipals are still there. They're there for a reason. They give you a place to start in oder to understand things. That's why I don't get why people spend too much time yakking and bitching about the opposite gender.

I'll pick on women a bit today.

I'm in the mood.

Women really like to tear into men. Especially when they gather in groups of two or more. Women start to turn into hens at this point. They cluck. More women involved just mean more clucking and this time squawking. They cluck about how they have to have to bleed each month. Then there's the yearly checkups you have to do. Then there's child birth and children. Then there's pms. Then there's you men bitching about us. Like you have a reason to bitch. You don't have to deal with the shit we go through each day and then have to worry about you being happy or not.

No we don't understand. We never will. You see it's not something we can experience for ourselves first hand. Then again no one's really looking for a good way for us to see it from you view. Men do have good imaginations at times when there is a call for it. When there is something we can't quite get or someone can't tell us in a way that we understand we can imagine. We put a good effort into it at times. It can be a bit disturbing for some. I know we can put it in a way that scares the shit out of us.

Now I'm a fairly big nerd in my own way. I was a bit star wars fan and still am a bit. I just toned it down. It's not the way to go about attracting females. But star wars isn't the end all be all for sci-fi movies. It's cool yes and I like it. It's just not the only thing out there that's cool. Around the same time or fairly close to star wars coming out was another sci-fi movie franchise making it's start as well. It wasn't a very happy uplifting series like star wars was. Not this one leaned more towards the horror side of things.

Alien was cool and really had it's momments but if you were to ask me what my favorite from the series is it would be Aliens. The first one, Alien, is really interesting when you set down are really think of what it's really all about. A group of people and their interactions with the alien. People are people the alien is the interesting bit.

Here is what we get when we introduce an alien into a group of people. Especially when the alien is overly hostile and not just cute and harry with hostile tendencies. This stirs things up a makes it more interesting to see more of this alien and what it does. Oh yeah and how many people does it eat?

When we first meet this alien it's really not doing a whole lot. It's just setting around in one of thousands of eggs. Nothing too particular about one egg from the next really. This egg just seemed handy and was the one, one of the people picked. Now at this point the alien is pretty harmless and looks very much so. Then it starts to move around and draw more attention to itself. Once the person leans over and is close enough the alien lauches itself at the person. Out pops what really is nothing more than a giant pair of really thin groppy hands and one nasty tail. It also has a protrubance that it like to force upon it's prey. Later on in the series this "face huger" is also portrayed as bein very fast and a bit hyper.

So this thing takes a death grip on the persons face while forcing this thing into them. This is in order for the creature to reproduce we learn. Once the creature is done doing it's thing it just sort of drops off and dies. It's no longer an issure really. Everything seems fine. Our person is back on their feet. They seem fine.

Lets have dinner.

This is also the best scene in the whole movie. No one really told the actors what was going on or what would happen. So when they start to freak out they're really freaking out a touch.

Thus once your just getting use to things and your feeling ok about life something happens. This creature bursts violently forth from the persons body. Holy shit that's just not right. Am I seeing what I'm really seeing? What was that all about and what is this thing? Your now suddenly have this feeling life as you once knew it isn't going to be quite the same. No actually you kind of get the feeling that getting a gun and killing it now might be a good idea. Because in a short time it's going to be a much bigger alien and a much bigger pain to deal with.

The crew are now left wondering if any of them is going to live through this experience. It already killed one person. It killed the host. That person was once alive and happy. Once the alien burst forth something happened. The host died your now left with something much different than what you started with. That's not cool that's not right. It's not something a guy would call a good sign. It means there's trouble.

Crew vs. alien not a very fair fight really. The people were out matched. Though one person did survive. It should also be noted that this person is also female. Somehow it's the female that survives in this whole thing. Not just any woman though it takes a strong woman to pull this off. In order to come out on top of something like that she's gotta be tough.

Now there are things that men and women just won't understand about one another. It won't happen. There's really not a way for either to do so. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't try and make an effort. Men try it's just most of the shit you women deal with just scares the shit out of us. That makes it hard to deal with. We try to explain how we see it from your perspective. But it's still a man's view.

So for a really graphic take on the interactions of men and women as well as child birth watch Alien if not all of the movies. I think it does a good job of a man trying to see things from a woman's view.

Try to keep that perspective.

"And see it again for the first time"

That's the trouble really being able to change perspectives. Trying to imagine something from a diferent view. That's what makes drafting difficult for people to set through. Being able to use your mind to see things as well as putting them down on paper. People tend to have a proplem with perspective drawing. This can be one of those moments that makes or breaks you. You can learn to do this and work at it. Though it seems to be one of those things that you either get or don't. Being able to do this sort of thing seems to be a natural hang up for people. They naturally don't want to shift their perspective to get a full view of what the thing really is.

This is important. If you can't shift you view or aren't working on shifting your view. Then it's a big question of weather or not you'll really make it as a draftsman.

Now there are a lot of people out there across the board that make good draftsmen. Though if you were to ask me which group or ethnicity have problems with their perspective. I would have to say for my self that it would really be white people and more spicificly Americans overall. America is the melting pot afer all so here you get something a bit different. It is however the same mind set.

First lets set into the way back machine. And be a bit general. I don't have any specifics or set sources. I don't set here writeing and pull a reference book out of my ass to have something to cite and what have you. The point is in the beginning white europeans showed the tendancy that they really really really liked to , pilage and plunder. They like to conquer and destroy really. It was fun it gave them something to do and fit in real nicely with their religious views at times. At one point it was beilieved that you had to kill x number of people in valiant battle before you went to heven. With a view point like that it doesn't make it much of a moral issue to wage war on someone. It makes a good reason to start one when your bored anyway.

And with war go the spoils and fun of war.

, Pilage and Plunder.

As a result they become introduced to new ideas and learning. They start to advance more a bit as a civilization. They're religious beliefs advance as well. Actually they just start stealing ideas from the belief system of the people they just conquered. It's more of a adding and refining than rework or even overhaul. A new name and a new store works well. It's used alot. It's still being done.

, pilage and plunder works out really well for them. It's because of these things that they start to do really well for themselves. They perfect these three words to and art form. They also start learning how to do this more subtlely. You see the problem of working new things into your belief system is that it starts saying things like , pilage and plunder are really bad things to do to your fellow man and you'd be a better person if you didn't do them. There's a bit of a conflict. On one hand they know what works in practice and on the other they know when things sound good.

Sound really doesn't get things done much of the time. It's good for cleaning and a few other things but not the most usefull. People know what's been done befor and what has worked before. Telling people things doesn't do much good as showing them.

Something needs to be reworked somehow in order to keep things flowing smoothly. Now they could have worked their teachings into their behavior. That would have probably been better. It wasn't however something they had done before. No they had been working everything else into their system of thought. It should be no problem to add in this. It worked really well it gave the crusades and the Inquisition. They took their beliefs and once again used it to conqure and destroy. But I said they learned to be subtle. And they did. They used religion in that aspect as well. Not only would they physically try and conqure the world but they would make sure their religion would do it as well. Yet another front to use the subtle art form they had developed from the three words.

That's the thing with white people as a culture and rece. We've never really sat down and work on ourselves spiritually. We've never slowed down yet and learned to be mellow from time to time. Europe is doing better. It seems to be a more fun place to live at times. The thing is that europe didn't start getting better until they shiped all their nut balls here.

It's interesting to point out here that when you populate a country with religious zealots you get america. But when you populate a country with what you consider criminals you get austrailia.

So white people have for the most part have learned to contain their out right need for warfare. We've learned to channel the energy into other pursuits but with the same out come in mind. Conqure and destroy. The last time that the need for war broke out in some nut ball mania need for war was when Hitler was about. So it's not something that pops up too often. It does still happen and America seems to not run it out of it's system yet. It makes things look bad.

It makes you look bad when your reasoning isn't really all that well founded. It really looks bad to use the frenzy of the people as reason to do something because your really just sort of bored. Or that it fits in better with your personal agenda.

The only real reason europe doesn't like us all that much is well becuse we're a bunch of white people makeing another bunch of white people look bad. That's the only reason I see them haveing and being justified in. I just think that they shouldn't complain and be a little more helpfull. That and this is what you get when you start a country with people who really don't want to get along with anybody else. So when we ever do learn to venture out in space we should take something from this. You don't stick all your trash onto a ship and send it off to do it's own thing. Ever see food that's set in the fridge for a month? It kind of takes on a life of it's own. It's not a pretty sight when you see what happens.

People have a hard time shifting their perspective at times. This also makes it hard to see the relevance of things at times. It makes it harded to see a complex thing for what it is. Just a series of simple things put together in a certain order. It makes it even more difficult to shift your view because somethings are just not for you to experience. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try. Just don't expect to get it exactly right either. With that in mind it really doesn't matter what or where I go with this blog. Everythings connected and relevant in some way. I'm on a site for swingers sex is a big part of it but it's not the only thing there is out there to find.

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