Pictures Again.  

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4/6/2005 11:26 pm

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Pictures Again.

I was reading through my comments and was reminded of something. I ment to mention in there somewhere about the pope croaking. Nothing witty came to mind at the moment. I tend to lack something at times. It makes for uncomfortable moments when dealing with people. I lack tact. I'm a bit of a tactless person. The dear departed pontiff doesn't need that. The man probably got dicked around enough when he was alive.

The poem was a fitting tribute. I liked the poem. That little tramp has a keen sense of humor.

I however am not so great with words. My tribute to the dearly departed shall be having a moment of silence while "Every Sperm is Sacred" is playing. Not very silent but musical silence is more enjoyable. That and funerals can be such a drag. They need to be a little up beat. And everybody likes the ocasional good song and dance number. Somebody needs to put the "Fun" back into funeral.

There are a few theories or conclusions I've come to make about life in my brief span of wasting space and oxygen. One of these is that as a photographer, you can make any woman look good on film. There are a million amazing things you can do with photography and how you make people look. I know that now with everything going digital that sounds easy. Especially when you have photoshop. Yes having those things does make life nice and a bit easier. That's not what I'm talking about. It's not something I believe either. That's just saying it's the medium that makes the artist. Not the artist making the artist. You can take a picture of someone and make them look good without needing photoshop. You really don't need anything all that expensive.

Case in point take a look at our main photo. Now I took that shot using a Pentax K1000 with a 24mm lens. The important part here is the focal length. This is a pretty wide angle not the widest they make but pretty wide. For those that don't know focal length tells you how much area the camera is going to "see". My 24mm lens for example is going to see everything that falls in 90 degree arc in front of the camera. How does this relate to you when I'm useing a "real" camera? Well 24mm is really close to the focal length that comes on most disposable cameras. Only difference then is the focusing. The disposable is going to be fixed focus. My lens has macro an advantage yes but not that big. It's easy to work with. Go no closer to your subject than 3 feet and everything should be in focus. There are other advantages to useing the type of camera I have and you would have to learn something to use it. It's completely manual. The only reason the thing needs a battery is for the light meter.

The fact of the matter is you can take really great shots with a disposable. You just have to learn how to work with the camera. I already gave you one hint. It's two fold one at that. Don't go closer than 3 feet or about a little over 1 meter for you metric folks. Now here's the really important bit. Be willing to get that close. The reason why a lot of picture suck is because the person wasn't close enough. On here there tends to be not so much of a problem with that. Men seem to really focus in on certain areas. For complete coverage of this topic and peoples views on it read various other blogs. I like so many others before me eventually comment on the type and quality of the pictures on here. I'm not only offering a solution but also challenge other peoples creativity a bit.

The cock shot is ok. The cock shot can be done. If you know what your doing and pull it off. The cock shot can be something cool to see.

Here's what I suggest. Do a photo shoot useing nothing more than a disposable 35mm camera. Or if you have an SLR a 24mm lens. Try and stay no further than for of 5 feet. Move around a bit. Take pics of one another. Try different angles or poses. Not all of your pics need to look like that but a few would be nice.

I just feel the women on here can be photographed a lot better. Any woman can look great. I know this I've seen it in practice. I've pulled it off in practice. I'm that confident and full of myself that I could make any woman look good on film. Do it with a bit of class and style. Yes I feel confident in myself on this point. I don't think I'd turn down a serious challenge to that claim.

Here's an ackward situation for you. Picture in your mind a young photo student. This student has really gotten into this photography thing. He takes pictures of pretty much any and everything around him. When he first got into it he shot 100 rolls in the first semester. He really loves photography.

He also starts to enjoy doing portrait work. He gets people to model for him. He really enjoys taking pictures of girls. This gives him lots of ideas in which to go with his work. He liked taking pictures of cute girls. Of legal age mind you.

That was my mindset the day that I shot with Violet. She was sort of like a blind date. I got her number from a lady in my class that knew I was looking for models. I talked to her on the phone once to set up a date for a shoot. Lets just say when I got to meet her she wasn't quite what I had pictured or been taking pictures of. I will admit that my first reaction wasn't really all that good. Violet was a rather bigger woman. I however wasn't about to let that stop me, or make me look like a total ass. Besides I took the time to at least chat with her a bit. She was a pretty cool person. Plus chatting with her would get her to be a little more comfortable. Pictures look better when people can relaxe themselves in front of the camera. It helps to just smoke a cigarette of something and take about 10 min or so to chat with your model. This also lets you take a look at them and see how to best take there picture. While also keeping your subject from feeling that much more under the microscope. Try pictureing in your mind how you want the shots to look. Then you'll have an idea of where to set up the camera. The more you plan out before hand the smoother the shoot will go. Another good thing is too keep the model talking. That means either you need to talk or have an assistant talk to them. I tend to need Liz around to do the chatting. I try but Liz has a bit more of a touch at getting them it lossen up. People tend to relax themselves more when they talk.

I must say that it was a fun shoot. I didn't really know what Linda had told Violet about me. I don't know what she was expecting to do at this shoot. I expected to do just a regular shoot. In other words there was no talk of nudity let alone doing a nude shoot. So I was casually going about my buisness of making sure I had everything set up the way I wanted. Doing one last meter read for the strobes turned around and.......There she was getting undressed. Time number two where she's taken me off guard. I had gotten over the size issue and knew I could more than likely get a picture or two that would really make her look good. No really I just wasn't expecting to see a nude female. Guys normally don't expect to see this sort of thing. At least when they're not expecting it. Nudity surprises us when it just sort of jumps out at you. Well that was cool. I'd already figured out how I was going to take her pictures. Shoot her nude isn't all that different. She just happens to be nude.

Those were some of my most favorite shots. And the most fun shoot. It challeged me a bit as both a person and a photographer. I had fun with that. It gave me a bit more cofidence in myself and my abilities.

What I'm getting at here is that any woman can look good. I'm talking about the sort of good that makes a woman look sexy and desireable. Women like to feel like that. They like it when their man makes them feel wanted and desired. I know you guys like to show off your women. Your really happy and proud of your women. I know I like to show off mine and I'm pleased as pop to have mine.

So you should try to make her look good. Women like to look at themselves. They really enjoy it when you can make them look good. It makes them feel sexy and wanted.

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