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4/6/2005 3:22 pm

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Just goes to show.

That nothing in life comes easy. There are things that make it seem easier to live. But nothing makes life a complete ease. On the other hand there is nothing in nature that does not take the easier route. Electricity when presented with a choice will take the path of least resistance. Anyone know the difference between voltage and current? Most things when given a choice will take what it thinks is the easy route. Maybe though that's just what we want to see. In a way in order to make ourselves feel good and a bit more productive. Electricity isn't being lazy when it takes the path it choses. It's nature is purely to get from point A to point B really really fast. Something like a chunk of carbon is a thing it really can't be bothered with at the moment. That bit of electrical energy is just doing it's job. Following it's nature of what it's suppose to do.

Though the best bits in life come from something completly different. Seems the things we find the best are those that require a little irritation, time and energy. At times it takes a little bitty speck of sand to find those pearls in life.

That's the real trick. Not that easy of a thing to find or figure out. It takes awhile for people to find their nature in life. That place we're they fill content and fullfilled. It's one of those things that when you realize it a light bulb goes off. You've found an avenue in life that makes you fill a bit more complete.

Once you find that it really turns out that's actually the easy part. Next comes that speck of sand. Sometimes that speck really is just a speck. Some people just seem to be in the right place at just the right time. For the majority of the rest of the people that speck gets to be much more. At times being nothing more than a boulder along your path. For others your shown Mt. Everest and told your only allowed to use one arm.

That's the deal though. Everybody has a speck. Eveybody has to deal with their speck in order to get anywhere. It is just really that though a speck. The speck changes because you want to see it that way. People tend to not get this or not where they really should be. It's in those cases people give up their current pursuit. They pursue a different avenue. There's still going to be that damn speck though. It might look different to you but it's still a speck.

Nobody can deal with your speck of sand. Nobody can make your pearls for you. Like wise you shouldn't think that much of yourself to do the same for someone else.

Just a thought. Not that people can't or don't help one another with their specks. Having other people is a key point. They're good to have around. There just not the only thing. You get to where you are because you wanted to get there. And a thing like a chunk of carbon shouldn't be something your bothered with.

Electricity and oysters don't really go together too well. I'm sure if you did give them a bit of juice the pearls would get made a tad faster.

That little bit of Bobism brought to you by yesterday's posts. I was really in the mood to write yesterday. In fact the more I do this whole sort of thing the more I want to do it. I'm being sucked in by a trendy pop culture fad. One that's really not all that new. People are just dumb. If the media can make it out to be something new and exciting then it must be a new idea and a good one at that. Kind of like web t.v. That's all I want in life. Some idiot setting at home flipping throgh the internet. There's better uses for that bandwith that I or others could think of. Now we have the Blog. Kind of like when the Imac came out. Now it's cool and cute to have a computer. The Imac really makes me feel split as a person. On one hand the artist side of me said "hey that's a pretty slick and cool design." The nerd side of me really really hated that mac. For one it was a mac. Macs are a touch over rated if you ask me. The other was I knew who apple was targeting with this machine. People who think that they should have something just to have it. Plus now it will match nicely with the couch in the living room. It looks cute. These are the sort of people who have a problem with reading and comprehension skills. If they read how to put 2 and 2 together they would still have a hard time with how you get 4.

As I myself was taking part in all this with such glee. I was noticing something about this whole BLOG thing. One post got 500 some views and two others had a few 100. The newer ones have a hard time breaking 50 views.

This sparks the bob's curiosity. Bob finds this a bit interesting. Perhaps there is a pattern of sorts. After all Bob is a people watcher. Bob likes watching and understanding things. So Bob was wanting to figure out if people base their blog viewing habbits based on the topic? It appears not. More testing and experimenting will need to be implimented to determine this. Perhaps the Bob didn't pick a title that was that appealing.

The bob is a bit of an egotist. The bob is an artist after all. The bob now has a baby blog. The bob wants to see his new baby become something. He is a hopefull new parent. Full of dreams and expectations.

Online relationships.

Oline relationships are intereesting. They fit in nicely with all this. That and they tie it in to the relavence of it being on a blog on this site.
Developing online relationships is kind of like playing a game of chicken to me. At times it is. It's usually the case when you run accross someone who is serious about meeting you. Or at least present themselves this way. I don't know it's just sort of odd at times. Because each party is constantly hedgeing the bet with the other. To push a little further and further each time for the other to prove the other really is real. It starts out with either e-mail or chatting on some messeger thing. Once that's done then it goes on to determining the gender of the other one. Now here's where is gets a bit amuseing. Because if it's two guys chatting and they hit it off. We then soon get into a conversation that pretty much boils down to this.

guy 1 "Do you have pictures of your female?"
guy 2 "Yes, do you have pictures of yours?"

The guys trade pics for a bit.

guy 1 "I have seen your female and she is aceptable."
guy 2 "I have done the same and have reached the same conclusion."

guy 1 "when do you want to get together?"
guy 2 "we have a free day on X."

Now if things go well and all that then they'll meet on X. That's how it more or less goes. I'm giving the guys a bit too much credit by using words with more than 2 syllables. I've been in a few of those chats. They're really annoying. It really lacks in substance. Nothing really there to keep your interest or be interested in.

Regardless of what gender is talking to the other this is what your going to find. If your indeed talking to a couple your going to be talking to the more active one of the pair. The most active in that they're online the most and the one in charge of finding people that route. This can be a bit of a problem at times. Mostly because your going to be talking to the guy. Guys really aren't that bright or good conversationalists. Especially when they think that the end result of said chat leads to their penis being played with. Not all guys are bad. Keep in mind that the good ones aren't exactly pure either.

The person that your going to be talking to though is the one your going to have to deal with. They're the one your going to have to appeal to. In other words you have to work and catching their interest.

It's not easy. It takes some work and a bit of time really. Though you really don't find instant sex online. At least we've not been so lucky to find someone that we hit it off that well. Not saying it's not out there or that others can't. Just not what we've found as of yet.

Now if every body's online life is good and happening then it's on to the next step. The next step can be a number of things. Talking on the phone for one. That's always a good thing to do with somebody. If your talking to them on the phone there shouldn't be too much problem right? Eh it helps. Helps to know that you can move from typeing to talking. If you can talk to them on the phone then you've at least found someone you can hangout with and talk. So the phone is good. Just not the last step.

Our next to last step is getting to meet the person or people. This is when you get to find out if that online fantasy you've been masterbateing to is really real. Were the pics you got to see before or after shots? That is the person in the pic right? Ok that's good now lets go up and meet them. Ah the first meeting where should we meet? When? What to expect? What not to expect? So many questions and they're here now. Your talking to them. People like to meet where they're most comfortable. For us that tends to be on the quiter side of things. A quite reasturant or coffee shop. Don't really have to wine or dine us. We just like to hang out and chat. But what to expect. What's going to happen? These people aren't going to try and take my clothes off the moment they see me are they? No not really but it is a fun thought. We'll save that one. Well me like most guys would like to have the option of getting to play open.

Now as appealing as the idea of finding someone on the net then getting to meet them and play all in one day. As fun as that really sounds. When I think about it it's not all that bright. Not something I would make a habbit of. Granted it would be a real battle for me if something like that did happen. I'd probably lose. The penis would find that too much of a thrill.

I like to keep the option of playing on the first meet being open. But I'm the guy. I'm always up or shortly will be to play. I have half the vote. It's a nice option to have though. Even if you don't use it all the time. Like defrost on the microwave, handy.

So getting to play doesn't always happen. There never seems to be enough play time. Talking to people on the net. That happens a lot. Getting to the last step however is a bit of a trick. The phone and meeting do real well at weeding them out.

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