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Horney young female.

I'm an evil bastard. Thought I'd try something out. Cheat a bit. Dangle a carrot out in front of you. You see viewership of the BLOG has sort of bottomed out. Then an idea struck me. As I was looking at my previous posts the entries that got the most views had titles that suggested you'd get a bit more than what you get to read. They look like they might be good jerk off material. I like attention. A slut if you will for it. That and I like to figure out how to work things to my advantage. In order for people to read this I need to draw attention to it.

After completing the last post I got to thinking about other things as well. Mostly back when I was 21 and started doing the art thing. Though the topic is just a ploy to gain your interest. I'm not completely heartless. There is a horney young female in here somewhere. It took place during the summer.

So far it's been the best summer I've ever had. It's at least one that I'll remember to my dieing days. It was one of those turning points in ones life. Not a major point mind you but a significant one none the less.

It's summer I'm 21 and working during the day as a pizza delivery driver. The place I worked at was called "Gumby's Pizza". That's right the same Gumby as the claymation. Now when the students were at school Gumby's was a pretty popular place. Stayed busy on the weekends and you made some pretty decent money. At least at the Illinois location. Gumby's pretty much catered solely to the college student. It's a chain but only in college towns. Now when you work at a place during the summer that targets college students as it's market. There really isn't a whole lot to do at work but be there and hang out. I would be lucky to take 5 orders from 10 am to 5 pm. I did my work it was pretty easy, after that all I had to do was kick back and hangout till the evening people showed up. Being a pizza guy is a pretty fun job. It's better when the students are back. Then people are nice to you. Not everybody but the ones that are do make up for it. You should always be good to your pizza guy. Tipping is very good and very welcome. We tend to remember things like where people live. If you stiff the driver too often you start being remembered. We don't deal with people too well. There's a lot that can happen between me leaving the pizza place and geting to your place.

Well what if you don't have any money to tip? Well then don't order or find something else to give the guy. A beer is good at times. Though my fovorite is when your offered a bowl all to yourself. It's those moments that make life great. And dealing with the drunk assholes later in the night bearable.

Well while I was working the days at Gumby's I was also working part time doing 3rd shift at a gass station. The working at a gass station slash convenice store really sucks ass. The only good thing about third shift is you don't have to deal with the lottery people. Lottery people are a very disturbing subgroup of people. Playing the lottery to them is a very sacred religious practice that must be faithfully observed each day the lottery is drawn. They let nothing stand in their way in doing this. Anything that breaks up the routine of them playing is a sacralige. In fact they are extra special privledged costomers. They should be the first in line and they should get to stand up at the counter for as long as they like. People who get that much into the lottery are real asses.

It was at the this place that I got to meet a rather cute but young female. She was dating a friend of mine that would stop by to B.S. with me. I meet her a couple of times this way. They're relationship didn't last all that long to say the least. One thing lead to another. We both ended up asking him about the other one about the same time. So he gave me her number. I called we chatted a bit and soon after managed to "hook up". Slang is so great at times. And hook up is what we did indeed do. That's understating it a bit. Hooking up would imply some degree of seperation with the person your currently seeing. Basicly if we were around one another and could get away with it we'd screw like rabbits.

Getting away with it is a key point here. Because my boss at the pizza place made the mistake of leaving us alone together in the store. Not something you want to do when the front door is a security door. You have to buzz people in when it's shut. It comes in handy at times. He left I shut the door and the bathroom seemed like a really nice place. The boss came back shortly after we started making use of the bathroom. In fact we went on for another 10 mins before coming out and making an effort at not being to blatant about what we were just doing. You see the office happens to be across from the bathroom. The only real reason we even stoped was listening to my boss having a conversation with another manager was a bit of a turn off. We came out said hello to my boss and the other manager. The boss could only shake his head at me and the manager had a real hard time looking at me and keeping a straight face.

The job had it's moments. We found that when I was at work that it really worked out better if she would order food. That way I'd just go "deliver" to her. So long as I wasn't gone the whole day and we didn't have an order every body was happy.

This is also how my penis came to have the name Mr.Pokey. Yes as in reference to Gumby's horse buddy. Gumby's is really known for one thing. That is Pokey Stix. Basicly it's cheese bread with garlic butter. Makes for a really popular snack food when your drunk. Women however thought these things were the greatest. I don't know why must be something they put in the ranch. Ranch dressing was popular with them. It was also popular with the girl I was seeing then. Needless to say she thought it'd be great to name my penis after this food item and the horse. It's an ok name a bit stereotypical.

This girl made the summer great for a number of reasons. The sex was fun and plentyfull. That wasn't all though. There was the pot too. We had lots and lots of both. Picture people enjoying themselves in debauchery but not getting to carried away. She was a slim girl actually a tad too skinny. But she had these nice firm perky 36c breasts. The kind that just make your mouth water from looking at them. About 5'7" or so. The big selling point for me was her age. She was a nice 5 years younger than me. Yes that is bad and wrong of me and I should have known better. But there's just something about women at that age. They're so bubblely and full of life. After about 18 or 19 women tend to lose that bubblelyness. They're just not as much fun for some reason. Besides if I wasn't nailing her she would have just found a different guy to do it.

And that's how I got into art.

A lot happened when I was 21. Sex was good to me and pot was good to me. You could say they both sort of helped me see a bit more clearly what I want out of life. Well at least a bit better of an idea. I like being a creative person. It's fun making things you think would look cool and someone else thinking the same thing. Seeing someone create something is enjoyable to watch. Especially if they are creating something you havn't seen before.

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