Kissing Cousins?????  

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8/20/2006 6:36 pm

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Kissing Cousins?????

Ok, the topic to this blog is slightly weirder than my usual ones (if thats possible). Im not quite sure how to word this either so bare with me:

So, i just came back from one of my cousin's weddings. Over there i met up w/ my grandma's sister (an old portuguese woman). Now my grandma's sister also happens to be the grandmother of a female friend of mine that i usually meet up w/ at all the family gatherings. So technically the woman i'm talking about is my 4th cousin(?), who for reading ease we'll call "Mandy" (not her real name). Anywayz, i was talking to my grandmother's sister about if Mandy was going to show up for this wedding or not. And it was then that my brother teased that Mandy and I were "Kissing Cousins," like back in the "old country (Portugal)". Nothing is unusual about this.

The weird part is that instead of my Grandma's sister laughing and saying something along the lines of "No" she says that "kissing cousins" is not just from the "old country" and that its perfectly fine. I am well aware that in my state a 4th cousins are legally allowed to marry, however i still find it absolutely weird to think about.

Progressively through the night, Mandy's grandparents constantly kept bringing her up. Maybe this was a was to establish a conversation, but after the conversation earlier in the day it just seemed awkward. They showed pictures of her to me, and kept saying how much they wished Mandy could have been there to see me...etc.

The even weirder part about this story is that i'm not exactly repulsed about the idea either. By all standards "Mandy" is a very attractive woman, who is only 2 years younger than me. So part of me wanted to actually think that it's ok to be w/ her. My brain tells me, that this is disgusting and for me to even think such things is to be thinking of Incest.

In the end, i really don't plan on ever doing anything w/ my cousin, because i just see it as wrong. I just wonder if my cousin and her whole family seem to think the same way. I really don't know what she is thinking, i can only hope that the next time i do see "Mandy" she will be w/ a man, and i'll be with a woman so no situation can ever occur.

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