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Old Man Thomas had died of liver failure due to chronic drinking, leaving behind a son and two daughters.

His will had caused a certain amount of upset as he'd left his entire estate, worth hundreds of millions of pounds, to his son, Walter. His daughters, Penny and Anastasia were left nothing.

But ...

... the will contained one condition: in an effort to prevent Walter following his father's self-destructive decline, the will contained the proviso that if Walter took one alcoholic drink, the entire estate would pass to the daughters.

Penny and Ana were hopeful: Walter had spent his adult life drinking heavily and they felt it was only a matter of time until he gave in to temptation. Unfortunately, the size of the estate seemed to be a good incentive and as far as anyone could see Walter remained entirely, completely and utterly sober.

The girls weren't happy about this and decided that they would have to see if they couldn't do something to get him drinking again. At first they tried simply offering him alcoholic drinks which he refused, politely at first and then rather less so. Then they tried slipping alcohol into his coffee or his orange juice but it was as if Walter's years as a drinker had left him unnaturally sensitive to its smell and, again, they failed.

One night it was decided that they needed to find someone that wouldn't be suspected to do the dirty deed. After some discussion they called an escort agency and hired a woman that was a perfect fit for Walter's tastes. They explained their plan to her and took her to the hotel restaurant where Wally was eating.

They watched as she sashayed across the floor to his table. Walter was clearly captivated by her and could hardly believe his eyes when she sat down at his table. A little later, the woman led Wally away by the hand. Penny and Ana knew that she would take him up to the room that had been booked for her. There would be champage and brandy waiting up there too.

A little while later, Walter came storming down the stairs and out of the hotel, his face like thunder. A few minutes later, the escort followed him down, tears streaming down her face. A shake of her head told Walter's sisters just what they didn't want to know: Walter had not given in. He had not forfeited the fortune.

And the moral of the story? You can lead a whore to Walter but you can't make him drink.

Jx with apologies

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Well worth waiting for ...


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oh geez!


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{bows} Thank you, thank you, thank you ... exactly the desired response!

Do I take it you want more of them?

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