Toys for Two?  

TheQuietGuy2005 55M
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3/22/2006 10:13 pm

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3/28/2006 1:08 pm

Toys for Two?

Helga_Hansen wrote recently about the B-Doyng vibrator that she should soon have her hands (and, undoubtedly, certain other bodily parts) on (Slogan Competition).

It reminded me of a regular topic of discussion in the advice lines of This Site’s magazine: is it reasonable to expect your sexual partner to accept the introduction of such toys into your joint playtimes?

The responses have never ceased to surprise me.

Although the majority of respondents are open to this, a substantial part of the supposedly liberated membership of this site ‒ on both sides of the gender divide ‒ seems to feel that toys have no place in sex (perhaps they should be renamed “no-sex toys”.

Many men protest that a woman’s sex toys shouldn’t be needed if the man is there to provide the entertainment. It seems to me that this rather misses the point. I’ve yet to meet anyone who feels that they’re necessary; isn’t it just meant to be about having fun?

Perhaps it’s for this reason ‒ the wish not to offend the man ‒ that some women feel reluctant to move sex toys from those private moments to shared ones? There seems to be almost a sense of shame that they use them at all! Yet I’d be prepared to bet that most men wish, deep in their heart of hearts, that their were better sex toys designed for them …

So what do you think, dear reader: toys as part of sex, fun or foul?


UnpinAfireFaust 58M

3/22/2006 10:47 pm

My Best Friend and I have what I consider to be a very large "toy" collection. Everything has been aquired because of an interest one of us has expressed. I for one, see them as an enhancement...not a replacement. As for being considered necessary ...more often than not they lie collecting dust while...uuuummmm...eerrmmm...

Wackytits 54F

3/23/2006 9:53 am

FUN!....Toys can be fun for both parties. After all some of them vibrate! Wonderful massage, or tickling implements. xx

MarinadelMar 60F

3/23/2006 1:03 pm

Hmmmmmm, I buy all the sex toys in this household and Aries just enjoys using them on me .. when the mood takes us, of course

helga_hansen 50F
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3/24/2006 10:09 am

Mmmmmm... definitely fun!! And why should toys be limited to those "alone" moments that we may have?? I'm all up for enhancing enjoyable sex, and yes, perhaps it would be nicer to have better toys for men!


Love, hugs and kisses from ♥♥HH♥♥

SexToyMatt 53M
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3/26/2006 12:54 pm

I wish my Mrs had more interest in toys. Guys are such visual creatures, and the idea of using toys with my Mrs is a good excuse to have a good eye full! And I would absolutely love it if I knew she would get it out when she had a moment alone -- just picturing her in my mind's eye using it and then calling me up on the phone to ask me when I can come home and do it all over again for her! How can guys feel insecure about toys?!

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