Shurely Shome Mishtake?  

TheQuietGuy2005 55M
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10/10/2005 4:35 am

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Shurely Shome Mishtake?

Here is an article from one of the London dailies in full:

Emma puts a spell on West End

Film stars Emma Thompson and Colin Firth left crowds spellbound at the premiere of their new film in London's Leicester Square last night. In a story that reads like a combination of Mary Poppins and the Sound of Music, Thompson plays a warty, black-gowned nanny with magical powers. She joins the family of recently-widowed Firth and attempts to tame his wild children. Thompson said: "It was liberating having moles for this part. I always find it strange being glammed up".

Sounds like a potentially amusing film to take Son of Quiet to on one of his more sedate days. Except ... what is the film??? Surely I can't be the only person who would like to know that small fact, can I? Maybe I'm loopy but it seems to me it's the kind of information that would be compulsory in this sort of article. Journalism 101, right?

So, was this one of those oops moments ... or is it just a reflection of the cult of celebrity that makes the comments of the stars more important than the films they appear in?

And what, by the way, was the role of the moles that Emma Thompson's character apparently has. I've heard of witches having owls, cats and even rats as familiars but never before moles. Not a creature of particularly mystical (or even mystickal) reputation, your average Talpidae.

For what it's worth, the film is Nanny McPhee ... thank heavens for IMDB I always say!


rm_saintlianna 46F
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10/11/2005 1:05 am

I don't know I can't get over the picture, shes beautiful. Moles?

brightblonde3 59F

10/11/2005 8:56 am

Q, if it has Emma Thompson (2 Oscars) and Colin Fith (fine actor), can't be a total waste of time and hard-earned money?


brightblonde3 59F

10/11/2005 8:57 am

Firth...not Fith...must be that fifth I drank this morning....

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