Heaven in an Email  

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8/7/2006 10:33 am

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Heaven in an Email

Some days we all need something to give us a bit of a lift and sometimes it can come from the most unexpected of source, such as the following all-staff email I received today at work:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

That joyous time of year is upon us yet again. That happy little marker between Easter and Guy Fawkes' Night. 'Tis a time for celebration.

The UK's stationery manufacturers and distributors would have us believe the New Year is upon us. It draws closer and closer, seemingly unstoppable in its advance, lurching forward with the awe-inspiring and yet somehow horrifying momentum of the now legendary Behemoth and as such we are powerless to stop it.

But hold hard there! Do not panic and wail. Do not scream at the sky "Oh woe is me! I am a person most sorely put upon! When our planet's annual orbit has turned full circle, how will I plan the next?" While it will most certainly steamroll over us and all we love, we do have a tool that will make this coming change so much easier to deal with.

The common diary.

We now have the list for these so-called 'diaries', and in an attempt to help us all stay calm and organised in this new approaching era, I gladly submit it to you all.

Any queries regarding these wonder-books, please contact {removed} on the Stock Help Desk.

How a little poetic spirit can bring sunshine into our lives! I only wish more people would make the effort


VCF1962 106F

8/7/2006 11:27 am

Would have made me smile rather than the bloomin' - diary time - what size do you want !

Course, there are probably those that would also wonder what they hell the e mail was about too ! Shame on them !

Mistress Innuendo
Taking what you say and turning it into something naughty !!

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